Be Like Jon Barry

Despite my partner’s best attempts to lift my spirits, my confidence in the Celtics to repeat remained shaky. But that all changed once I read Jon Barry’s article in Daily Dime:

Boston Celtics
Biggest Concern: Injuries
I see Boston as the most mentally tough team. Still, I don’t think the Stephon Marbury experiment is going to work out. They won a title last year without a backup point guard so I’m not sure why they felt they needed him. Sam Cassel played a minimal role at best as their back up last year.

My only real concern this year is their health. If Kevin Garnett and the rest of the team is healthy then I’ll feel pretty good about their chances at a repeat.

He likes our chances to repeat. And he doesn’t think much of Cleveland. As for the Lakers:

Los Angeles Lakers
Biggest Concern: Beating Boston
The Lakers’ biggest issue to me is meeting up with Boston in the Finals. If they play Cleveland then I see the Lakers winning in five games with or without Andrew Bynum. But if they meet the Celtics again I think they are really going to need Bynum to have a chance. Another question for me is that if Bynum does return, what will they do with Lamar Odom? That’s a huge question.

Odom has been terrific in the starting role but when he comes off the bench he doesn’t seem to be as nearly as big a factor. Maybe they’ll consider bringing Bynum off the bench.

In Barry we trust.


4 Responses

  1. I still don’t like the guy. He picked the Lakers to win it all last year. The only commentators I respect most are Tim Legler and Avery Johnson. They picked Boston last year and this year. Jon Barry picked the Cavs to kick our ass last Friday and totally flipped flopped on the post game show saying how tough the Celtics are. Flip Flopper!

  2. They’re all idiots.

  3. Jon Barry’s a tool.

    Only ESPN analysts I like are Van Gundy, Marc Jackson, Mike Breen. That trio on ABC sunday morning games are hilarious.

  4. Agreed..Barry desreves zero respect, and could possibly be the worst analysist of all times and thats saying a lot! He hated on ray ray for the entire playoff run last year and called KG “one of the best complimentary players ever” Im dissapointed that you all at red’s let this dude in here

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