Grown-Ass Man

Leon Powe is a grown-ass man.  He established his dominance early on, and he kept on dominating Marc Gasol (the second Gasol he’s toyed with) to finish with 3o points (10-14 fg, 10-14 ft), 11 rebounds, 5 blocks and 3 assists.  He kept drawing fouls (as usual) and taking charges (as usual).  He just dominated this game.  Clearly his best game as a pro.  

Box Score

Other thoughts:

  • Rajon Rondo returned and he looked just a little rusty early on.  Passes weren’t making their way through and he had trouble finishing.  But he still managed 8 dimes and 8 boards in 29 minutes.  
  • Ray started great, then sucked, then went back to great… but he never stopped doing what he does.  That’s the mark of a good shooter.  Everything looked exactly the same the whole game… it’s just the results were a varied.
  • Paul Pierce played 32 minutes.  Ray played 31.  Thank God.  And thank Billy Walker for his 18 minutes on the floor.  Doc smartly sent Walker in for Paul… then had Paul come in for Ray… and later Ray in for Walker.  Nice rotation.  Finally.
  • Stephon Marbury took a step forward.  9 points and 5 assists in 17 minutes is a good sign.  I know it came against the Grizzlies… but it’s the kind of night he needed.  

I dig those St. Patrick’s Day uni’s.  I know it’s all a marketing ploy… but dammit… I really like those things.  So much so, that I’m putting a bunch of game photos after the jump.

Photos courtesy Getty Images and Associated Press


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  2. – A little Rondo goes a long way :)
    – Powe has become a total FORCE right before our eyes. Whatever was wrong earlier in the season is gone baby gone. Will be great having this guy coming off the bench in the playoffs.
    – Billy looks terrific out there. As we have been saying for months. (I love watching him box out 2 bigger guys in the 4th.) And Doc did not realize till just now. Why is that?
    – Mikki might be improving. But he does seem to have hands of stone (sadly) and seems lost a lot of the time… travels, 3-second violations, fouls all over the place… the guy’s a turnover machine. Is he really getting better? Docs says so… but Doc sucks at this part of the game, so who knows. (To be fair, Mikki’s last foul was a charge… a good play by him. Refs screwed it up, surprise surprise.)
    – Marbury coming along on offense. Meanwhile, his defensive effort is just TERRIFIC… a great sign that he is all in psychologically. If his rust continues to drop off, we should be seeing great things from him very soon now.
    – My opinion of Doc drops with every game. He seems helpless when it comes to evaluating and utilizing new guys. Wasting Billy on the bench till just recently, and continuing to let JR rot, while giving Mikki – whose talents are inferior to both those guys – so many minutes. Doc needs to work on his game just like the players do.
    – Refs sucked, as usual.

  3. It’s hard not to love that guy.

  4. DRJ, it’s hard for Walker to get minutes when we’re at full strength. Plus, he’s a rookie… he’s got to wait a little. I like that he’s finally getting some minutes in this situation, though.

  5. Just got home from the game. Powe was the MAN tonight. The crowd was chanting “Leon Powe..Leon Powe..” outside the Garden! I also think Marbury took a big step and this will give him some confidence going forward. We saw some of that Starbury swagger (notably the sweet behind-the-back assist to Mikki) which he really needs right now. However, we all know it’s the Grizz..But still very good night for Stephon as far as getting back in a groove. We need all the wins we can get this next 15 games or so. A “W” is a “W” at this point…

  6. Powe is a monster

    you guys happen to get some photos of ray with the st pattys uni. His white and gold Jordan XI’s were nuts.

  7. 10 Tommy Points for POWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We needed that one badly and it was only Memphis – We have bigger fish to fry.

    To Chris Wallace (Memphis GM) – F ‘ You!

    Go Celtics!

  8. Look at that top photo… That’s a classic Gaysol Fruitcake flamer hands flamed backwards.. Oh, I didn’t touch Powe but I wanted to. Hi Pau, see you in the finals when Powe light you up again.

  9. I hope Ainge will give Officer Powe an extension so we can keep him for many years to come. The Guy is a ROCK, Solid, Stand up hard working Power F’in Forward that’s hard to find in the League. We might lose LiL’ Baby Beast if we chose Powe but its all business after all.

    Whom will you chose to sign? Officer Powe or Baby Beast to an extension? I am sure we can’t afford to sign both of them.

    I love both players but I would have to chose Powe.

  10. Does the past 2 games FINALLY put to rest the question of who should be higher on the depth chart between LEON and glen davis? I don’t care who the particular matchup is, LEON has put forth performances that BBD is just not capable of.

  11. And regarding that top photo…. Is LEON carrying something in his gym shorts pocket while he is playing or is he a lot more of a “Grown Ass Man” than any of us thought? :)

  12. the “powe guys” that want to make every game a Leon vs Baby spectical, just shut up already…SHUT UP..they are 2 different players who bring 2 different games to the table…SHUT UP and support them both

  13. shut up yourself. It’s important to me that Powe gets more minutes. He’s just a more effective player than BBD. 10-14 from the line says it all….hopefully if Davis doesn’t go on the roadie as it looks like Doc will rub the fuzz outa his eyes and start Powe when he can. 30-11 and 23-13 are numbers tha Davis can’t put up. A good game for him is 17-6, let alone the 5 blks Powe had.

  14. “Clearly his best game as a pro. ”

    Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that game 2 of the NBA finals was his best with 21 points in 15 minutes with a barrage of dunks. =) ooo memories.

    But for real that was sick last night. Leon POW’d another Gasol last night and it was sickkkkk!!!

  15. Al: I agree he is way better than BBD. Hes a banger and Glen is tryes to get to cute with his 15 footers that only go in against bad teams. (i.e. see Lakers game) Glen needs to bang a bit more and use that body. Love Leon is a scrapper and the kind of guy & story that makes me enjoy the NBA.

  16. Powe is a better rebounder than Perk – lets face it….he’s a foul magnet for sure and we definitely need Perk to man up as he does but Powe flat out gets it done, just a shame he isn’t 2 or 3 inches taller….

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