Rondo Will Play Tonight

Via the Globe:

Point guard Rajon Rondo said during the Celtics’ shootround this morning that he plans to play tonight against Memphis after missing the past two games with a sprained right ankle.

“I’m going to give it a go,” Rondo said.

Rondo suffered the injury a week ago against Cleveland. Forward Glen Davis, who also has a sprained right ankle, is expected to miss his second straight game. It is uncertain when he will return.


16 Responses

  1. If the starters need to go 40+ in THIS game, I am going to be depressed

  2. I don’t want to disrespect or under estimate Memphis but I think Rondo should rest one more game. Marbury needs some redemption after bad outings the last two games. I am dying to see some buckets from him. Scoreless 0 – 7 vs. Miami was inexcusable.

  3. I agree, why take a chance with him against the Laker’s farm team?

  4. We’ll see. Memphis has only won 4 games on the road, but I’m sorry-Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo are capable of scoring in bunches. There are about 17 games left for us to catch the Cavs (and stay ahead of Orlando) so I say don’t kill the starters, but if Rajon’s ready to go, play him man…By the way, Jon Barry knows his bball. He may be kind of goofy sometimes, but that dude is rarely wrong.

  5. I like it. He’s young, if he feels like going let him go. Give him 8 minutes in the 1st, 4 minutes in the second, set the tone and put one in the win column. Then Rondo can sit back in the second half and watch Perk beat the sh*t out of Gasol’s little brother.

  6. Jon Barry – I still don’t like the guy. He picked the Lakers to win it all last year. The only commentators I respect most are Tim Legler and Avery Johnson. They picked Boston last year and this year. Jon Barry picked the Cavs to kick our ass last Friday and totally flipped flopped on the post game show saying how tough the Celtics are. Flip Flopper!

  7. Well I am sure when Gay or Mayo are good enough, they will somehow mysteriously be traded to the Laker’s for a 2nd round draft pick and a can of beer

  8. Oh I forgot… For “financial” reasons..


  9. If the guy is ready… he’s ready. If his ankle is good to go, then he should play. The way the Celtics have been cautious with everyone, I think we can trust that Rajon is healthy. Waiting one more game just means you’re sitting a healthy player on the bench.

  10. Don’t worry thetitlesours we will counter with Mr. McHale- He will give us Al Jefferson back in two years for “financial” reasons. LOL

  11. Like it Fsantos!

    Then we can stick it to Jerry West one last time

    Maybe Mchale can “retire” right after that deal too ;-)

  12. Check out this article. Any tries that they make to compare it to the trade with the T-Wolves fail on value. We know the truth ;-)

  13. TitleIsOurs you’re great dude! By the way, if anyone cares, the Celtics are 3-3 on Friday the 13th since 2002:

  14. Heisley’s (Memphis Owner) sounds like a toolbox – That Gasol trade had fraud written all over it. From Wallace, West, Kupchick, and Bust it was all fishy except for the real idiot toolbox Heisley who signed off the trade and delivered Gasol to the Lakers on a silver platter.

  15. Thanks guys, I appreciate that.

    Friday the 13th, eh? Better have a few Guinness to scare the Grizzled’s away

  16. Sounds good. I’ll be at the game tonight so I’m psyched Rajon’s suiting up. By the way, one of those last Friday the 13th games was the incredible comeback in Game 4 of the Finals last year. I like our chances tonight injuries or no injuries. I am going to scream at Marc Gasol all night.

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