The Medical Report

A lot of good news flowing in Celtics Nation this morning. Amazing what a win over a crappy team can do. I think we’re all still gushing over the play of Leon Powe. But how about KG’s jab in the lockerroom:

“That wouldn’t happen [with me around],” the injured Kevin Garnett barked from the other room. “What do you average, 1.7 points, 0.1 rebounds?”

Just another reason to love Garnett. Here’s the latest on a bunch of guys. There’s no update on Rondo – he didn’t speak to the media after the game.

KG’s injury:

“He told me he felt great,” reported Rivers. “He felt the best he’s felt in a while. That doesn’t mean he’s playing any time soon, but that’s a step forward for sure.”

Garnett has been running on a treadmill, in addition to other strength-and-conditioning drills. There is a good chance he will play when the Celts hit the road for games in San Antonio and Memphis next week.

Glen Davis’ ankle:

Glen Davis (sprained right ankle) missed his second game last night and is “not going on the trip, I don’t think, unless I hear something different (today),” said Rivers. . . .

TA’s thumb:

Tony Allen (thumb surgery) will have his cast removed Monday and then require at least two weeks of rehabilitation.

“I want to be out there,” he said. “I’m just looking at those weeks when I can take off this cast. I’m just trying to attack those weeks. It’s on track.”

Stephon Marbury:

“I’m getting comfortable,” Marbury said. “I’m getting my legs under me.” Asked if this was the best he’s felt with the Celtics, Marbury replied, “I felt pretty good in Miami. Maybe it was the weather. But this is the comfortable-est I’ve felt so far.”

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2 Responses

  1. I think Starbury looked great last night-it was the 1st time he really had that “swagger” about him. I really think if this guy gets a little pt each game, he’s going to be tough in the playoffs.

  2. I agree I like what I saw from his last night, and I think that might just be the tip of the iceberg. Once his jumper starts falling consistently, he will be huge for us in the playoffs

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