Another Lazy Sunday

Anyone else tired of the Celtics ruining their Sunday afternoons? They’ve lost 4 out of their last 5 Sunday afternoon games.

The effort in this one was downright disgusting. The Celtics shot 37% and committed 25 turnovers. A team this careless with the ball will NOT win an NBA title.

Pierce, Ray and Rondo shot a combined 8-36. Give the Bucks credit, they (especially Luc Richard Mbah a Moute) did a great job taking Ray out of the game.

The gem in this pile of crap? Kendrick Perkins – 26 pts, 12 reb. Mikki Moore (9 pts, 4 reb) also played a decent game.

Can you say 3rd seed? The Celtics and Magic are now tied in the loss column.

Bucks 86 – Celtics 77 |Box Score

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33 Responses

  1. Ray and PP played big minutes this time too… so we’re losing games and the second seed AND they will be tired in the playoffs. Fantastic indeed.

  2. Marbury=MVP

  3. TURNOVERS TURNOVERS TURNOVERS thats all I have to say.WTF!!

  4. Anyone else sick of having these afternoon games. Enough already!

  5. 25 to’s just will not get it done-they mailed this one in. I can honestly say that even I underestimated the Bucks w/out Bogut and Redd, but that was just ugly-we are not going to have homecourt-I am just accepting that, but we HAVE to find a way to cut these turnovers down. We won’t win on the road in the playoffs averaging 15 to’s a game. Let’s go guys-get it together Ubuntu style!

  6. I know I mention the refs a lot (but that’s only because they suck a lot), but they were completely clueless all night. I mean they screwed up calls both ways all game. ALL GAME.

    Pierce has been pathetic lately, can’t even hit free throws anymore. Ray’s been in a shooting slump. Those things happen, but it’s getting ridiculous. It’s the effort and the sloppiness that’s really pissing me off. I used to think KG got too much much credit for “transforming the organization” but it’s been obvious to anyone watching that since he’s been out the energy level has been immensely lacking. Can’t wait to have him back. Really getting fed up with this team taking bottom feeders lightly and giving away these games. I was half expecting/hoping Doc would start the second half benching the starters. Yeah, it was that pathetic.

    BTW, House hurt himself near the end of the game, seemed like he was trying to get sub, didn’t, was limping through the ensuing defensive possession. Seriously, what’s going on there? First, how bad is he hurt? Second, why on Earth doesn’t Doc sub him?

    Oh, Perk is a BEAST!!!! Wow.

    Powe is a beast, going up against, who? Villaneuva and you don’t feed him constantly? How can that not be a top match-up. Doc’s not stepping up during these injuries.

  7. I still can’t decide if it’s worse getting my afternoon ruined via watching the score add up on on the Celtics website or being able to watch it live on TV.

  8. i’m officialy done watching the celtics until KG returns. the team plays without any energy. its like waching pre season games but the calander shows mid march.
    if i have to find somthing good out of this crap is the tought that just maybe the c’s would start the playoffs like the 1995 -heart of a champion- houston rockets style.

  9. I don’t agree that the energy was not there tonight… it was, on defense. But this is the first game I can remember over the past 2 seasons where the Cs were actually OUTPLAYED on defense. We were good on D, they were better. That, and stone cold shooting from the 2 guys we rely on for offense and it was really amazing that we were only down by 3-4 points so late in the game. Absent the lucky 3-pointer by Bell at the last minute, we had a chance to win. Which, actually, is a good sign… We can play such piss-poor basketball and still be in the game. I think that’s ascribable to a good defensive effort by the Cs, even if it was not as good as Milwaukee’s.

    If either Paul or Ray had had a half-decent offense, we win. Since it’s rare that they are both off at the same time like this, and rarer still that both KG and Powe cannot contribute, overall I think this game indicates we’re GOOD TO GO for the playoffs… once KG comes back and Paul stop throwing up bricks. (Ray I’m not worried about… everybody has a bad game sometime.)

  10. Thank God they don’t play Sunday afternoon games in the playoffs

  11. JD– hope that’s true :)

  12. wow! how the mighty celts have fallen!
    i guess banner #18 won’t be realized for another 22 years, again!!!

  13. Lakers troll are pretty clueless. LOL

    They seem to think banners are won in regular season.

  14. I guess losing to the Bucks knocks you out of the playoffs, huh Kurt? Just wait until the Celtics are back to full strength. They’ll be able to beat the Lakers (with or without Bynum), and anyone else who gets in their way.

  15. Celtics have about 4 or 5 injuries right now so can it Laker trolls.

  16. Just like the Celtics dont hang conference banners like other teams.

  17. We have got to get healthy quick, we are running out of games before the playoffs and we need at least 7-10 games healthy to get the swagger back

  18. When do we get to start admitting Marburg has not helped us weather the storm of injuries. When are all of you gonna agree with me. Yes we have injuries. That’s why we r losing! Marbury was supposed to help us. He hasn’t.

  19. I think you’re a Lakers troll pretending to be a Celtics fan… but just in case you’re not…

    You’re nuts if you think Marbury was just gonna walk in here and be an all star. No one expected that

  20. Marbury is slowly improving. In his defense, one of his two “travel” TOs was a bad call by the ref (he hopped and jumped)… the other was real. On a day when Rajon’s game was off (we watched him throw the ball straight into the stands at one point), Marbury was a decent replacement. There’s a better-than-even chance he will be ready for the playoffs.

  21. The guy hasn’t played all season!! Do you think he’s going to come in and average a triple dub? TROLLLLLLL

  22. I just hope the Celtics are healthy when they play in Cleveland on April 12. It is important to beat the Cavs on their home court. I think a lot of you are being too hard on the team considering all the injuries. I really want to see Lakers Celtics in the finals. Beating LeBron and the Cavs won’t mean much to the Lakers.

  23. if we had Scallie and KG we would have by 40

  24. Your a moron if you think that a guy who hasn’t played in a year is going to come in to a new system and “save” them. Jackass.

  25. am i the only one not remotely comcerned with the celtics?

    they’re definently in the “we have nothing to prove” mode, they’ll get the number 2 seed, which without kg for a month is exactly what you would expect

    this team thrives on intensity, can you blame them for lackin it when they play the bucks on a sunday afternoon without kg?

    this team is fine, they’re still the champs, and if i were a fan of another taem i wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs, when the intensity is jacked up…just how the celtics like it

  26. Why was he picked up for thong? Keep a bench warm? Here’s my point, if he wasn’t to help then Danny is a genius. Every part time NBA fan knows he makes teams worse. What is the celtics record since he came aboard?

  27. I bet u don’t write a letter to danny when they dump him this off season. I will to thank him. I can’t wait to ask you he was released next season all season. I think your the troll

  28. You take a chance on a player like SM, he is a proven player that can help a team once he gets the rust off. Danny has never said that it was a long term deal. Name another PG that was available this year that would of been a help to the Celtics bench.

  29. Again, he has not played in a year before he came here. Don’t expect him to help the team right away. We will see his impact in the playoffs because he will have had some time to get acclimated. If you were expecting instant, immediate results you are expecting too much.

  30. What’s the Celts record with Marbury? That has to the stupidest question to try to evaluate his contribution. He was brought in to be a solid ballhandler and playmaker on the second unit, to replace Pruitt and to allow House to shift to his more productive position. He was also brought to save some minutes for Ray and Pierce. Basically, he’s here so the second unit stops giving up double digit leads every second quarter of games. That’s WHAT he’s supposed to do and WHEN he’s supposed (is/was expected) to do it is in the playoffs. You want to evaluate him on the whats and whens of those expectations NOW?!?! Stupid.

    It was just as dumb when Dickerson said the Celts are 0-2 without Rondo. It’s a completely true statement, but totally misleading. They were 0-2 without Rondo AND KG and that’s a big difference. And to be completely within context, they were without Rondo, KG, TA, Scalabrine and BBD, plus throwing in two guys who had been with the team a very short period, one of whom hadn’t played competitive ball in over a year. That’s the full context of being 0-2 without Rondo. I’m not saying Rondo’s not valuable, and in fact I do believe he’s probably the most indispensable starter, but framing an argument for him in that way is lazy and well, stupid. To say the Marbury pickup has failed because he couldn’t come in after a year layoff and run a new team after a handful of games is … well, are you intentionally trying to be stupid?

    As I said before, I have new respect for KG and I’m disappointed in many others. Doc’s not coaching very well. Rondo’s not taking charge or being aggressive enough. Pierce is choosing to only be semi active. I can only blame Ray for coming up with a wrong time to go cold. His effort seems the same. With KG, I don’t think any of this happens and it starts with energy/effort. How do the Clips, Bucks, Pacers and others all of a sudden look like top tier teams when they play us? Because when it’s the champs they try a lot harder. It’s a shame because that means they’re not paying as hard as they could other nights. It’s a testament to KG that he brings it every night and that this team did all of last year and most of this year. But that’s made Celts fan spoiled (me included) and the latest string is tough to stomach. Maybe value isn’t just measured in the stats and you’d have a good argument using KG/no-KG as a case study to just how valuable one player could be to a team even if he doesn’t have MVP numbers.

  31. The only thing I’d like to add to these comments is that I really didn’t like it when Doc had Marbury and Rondo at the same time and Marbury was bringing the ball up. Rondo is DEFINITELY not a shooting guard.

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  33. ok

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