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82994538I’m blowing right past yesterday’s suck-fest and moving on to good news:  It’s looking like Kevin Garnett will come back on Friday.

“Obviously, he hasn’t been on the court, but if there was a treadmill Olympics he would be leading the pack right now. He would absolutely be ahead of the game. And he’s been in the pool a lot. I mean, he looks good. He looks healthy.

“He’s getting louder and louder in our practices, so that tells you his return is coming soon. I’m really happy with him, and Baby (forward Glen Davis, sprained right ankle), I would assume, would be back for the San Antonio game.

Baby can take his time, especially with Powe playing so great.  And we shouldn’t expect much out KG in his first game back… but it will be nice to just have him out there.

Eddie House is now a little banged up.  He turned his ankle yesterday… but he says he’ll be ok.

Alright… maybe I’m not blowing right past yesterday’s suck-fest.  I’ll just say this about that:  it happens.  It happens less often to the Celtics than it does to any other team… so it’s shocking when we see it.  The game sucked pretty good… but I don’t really care about it.  And I don’t care about the #1 seed.  It would be nice… and I hope they can make a run at it… but I’m not going to lose sleep over #2 or #3.  We haven’t been at full strength for a month.  When the Celtics are right, they’re the best team in the league.

So stop worrying about what seed the C’s get.  Just worry about them getting healthy and building some chemistry with the new guys.  The good thing is, we’ve got time to do both.

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7 Responses

  1. I’m convinced the turnovers will be the death of this team. I don’t care how good your defense is, when you give teams too many possessions – they will score.

  2. KG! I can’t wait to see him play again.

  3. Chuck, that’s because you’re a pessimist.

  4. My bad. I forgot I need to bury my head in the sand next to yours. And while we’re being “positive,” I have this great feeling Giddens will play so well over the next four weeks – he’ll be rookie of the year.

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  6. I am surprised you are not showing the elephant dump photo after that one :-(

  7. 25 turnovers pierce had 7 rondo 5 powe 4 allen 3 perkins & maybury 2 walker 1 moore 1 thats terrible so much for being as good as last year 66-16 aint gonna happen now were 50-17 and my guess for the final record is 62 -20 probally 3rd or 4th seed if lucky 2nd.

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