Chuck’s Ad With KG

This is a big day for Chuck… who starred in an ad with Kevin Garnett.  They called us up and said “do you have a dumpy guy with a pathetic story?”… and well… you see the result.

Alright… this is actually Kevin Garnett’s new G2 ad with some other guy named Kevin who had some bad stuff happen to him.  Now he’s in a commercial.  Yay for him.  Where’s our commercial?  What about an ad with a couple of bloggers furiously typing very public insults at one another and searching for hot cheerleader pics… then quenching our thirst with G2?

This is an exhausting business.  And dangerous too.  The carpal tunnel rates in this industry are staggering.

Welcome to blogging on St. Patty’s Day.  This is a 4 Guinness post.  Let’s see what the day brings.

By the way.  Happy Birthday Danny Ainge.  I owe you an apology.  I blasted you pretty good for wanting to take Kevin Durant over Greg Oden.  Now Oden is starting down the road of “injuries robbed us of a potentially great career”… and Kevin Durant is beating the Spurs and 4th in the league in scoring.  Proving, once again, that I’m a total moron.


4 Responses

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

    I am sure most everyone will be getting shit faced tonight so I don’t think there will be many commentaries.. lol There might be lots of angry drunk comments if we manage to blow tonight’s game to the Bulls.

  2. Luckily there’s a March Madness type NBA Cheerleader tournament happening at so your picture searches might be somewhat easier.

  3. REALLY? shit. We were planning the same thing.

    Well… fuck… we’re doing our own.

  4. two wonderful athletes for sure, but Is bringing up the idea of UNPAID MORTGAGES and PINK SLIPS really going to excite people to buy? guess we’ll see….

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