“Not Ready to Push the Panic Button”


The Truth on the state of the Celtics:

“You know what? My attitude is that wherever we fall, that’s where it’s going to be,” Paul Pierce [stats] said after yesterday’s practice at Moody Bible Institute. “Regardless of how hard the road may look from whatever seed we get, it’s going to be hard anyway to win a back-to-back championship. So whether we’ve got to go on the road the first three rounds or starting with the second round or however we’ve got to do it, we feel confident that when this team is healthy we can get the job done.

“We’re not ready to push the panic button or anything, but definitely we want to get homecourt advantage throughout the whole playoffs. It’s just about us picking up our play and playing better basketball and stop letting these games slip away.”

Amen. Thanks for the calming words Paul. At 50-17, the Celtics have surpassed their loss total from last season. They are under .500 (3-4) in March. With 15 games remaining I’m curious what you think their final record will be:

Eddie House expects to play tonight against the Bulls (Advanced Scouting – The Luvabulls) despite a sprained left ankle. “There is no swelling,” Rivers said. “It’s just bruised right now.

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After the jump – those hideous Raptors green jerseys and some Nuggets dancers in St. Patty’s Day outfits.


6 Responses

  1. Nice Bird piece on NPR. “Johnson Vs. Bird And The Dawn Of March Madness”


  2. Nuggets dancers need some push-up bras or something….

  3. BTW..Old friend Sean Williams was arrested again-pretty strange behavior even for him:


  4. No Panic button necessary – We should get back on track when KG comes back. 62 – 20 is my prediction.

  5. Happy st. patty’s day all hope every get nice and drunk I am getting there GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. […] power rankings:   Celtics #4 Hollinger’s power rankings:   Celtics 2nd Red’s Army Not ready to hit the panic button Fine, hate us then ProJo Celtics still hope to have Garnett back Friday night Ball in Europe […]

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