Ugh… Now Pierce Is Sick

According to the Herald.

CHICAGO — Eddie House went through the morning shootaround and pronounced himself fit for tonight’s game against the Bulls. He had missed Monday’s practice after twisting his left ankle in Milwaukee Sunday. …

Paul Pierce also went through this morning’s session, but he’s battling a sore throat. Pierce plans to spend the afternoon in his hotel room resting.

I’m gonna pull a Chuck here and blame his sore throat on Doc running him ragged over the past few weeks.

There… how’s that for a 6 pint dose of irrational thought?


15 Responses

  1. Whoa….first the shot at me in the KG commercial post and now this?

    Don’t hate me because I’m Irish…

  2. How can anyone ever tell if Paul Pierce has a sore throat?

    The guy sounds like he gargled with battery acid in every interview.

  3. Fuck it, if thats what it takes to get the captain a day off, then so be it. I dont think were getting the first seed, so lets get our guys some rest now. That way we can get them all goin for 5-7 games and be firing on all cylinders come playoff time. Orlando doesnt scare me in the least bit, and it looks inevitable that were gonna have to steal one in cleveland.

    May the luck of the irish be on our side tonite!

  4. One silver lining to tonight is that either Cleveland or Orlando will lose since they’re playing each other.

  5. Time to play Walker and Giddens 48 minutes ;-)

  6. Time to play Walker and Giddens 48 minutes ;-)
    thetitleisours – March 17, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    This souwld be just abotu the dumbest thing they could ever do.

    do you even watch Basketball?

  7. I think he might have been kidding

  8. Easy Danno, easssy. lol…I hope the Bulls and C’s are not both going to be wearing green like last year’s debacle-that was awful.

  9. *my bad..maybe it was 2 years ago I was thinking of when Chicago wore dark green and the C’s wore away whites-very confusing

  10. Wish we could see Giddens out there, at least a little. High energy guy, on both ends. Nobody knows what he can do though… though he did very well in DL.

  11. pretty sure the Celtics coaching and training staff knows exactly what he can do.

  12. He won’t miss a game because of a sore throat. Maybe they want to rest him for the playoffs and saying he has a sore throat is an easy way out…I mean, c’mon, just listen to him, he has a sore throat since 1997.

  13. Captain Pierce is running on fumes and banged up. PP hasn’t been the same since the Cavs game. I am sure he can still play tonight but I hope Doc will only play him 20 mins max. Give Walker some minutes that kid needs the experience.

    In reality I don’t think we can catch the Cavs for best record in the East. Only way I see us catching them is if Cavs take a shit and get into a slump (Doubtful).

    Its going to come down to who’s going to get the #2 seed between us and the Magic. I don’t really care about it just want all the guys back and healthy to get ready for the playoffs.

  14. Yep-Bulls in those ugly-ass greens again and C’s in whites..ugh

  15. The C’s are going to be okay, they slump sometimes but always come back strong. And Paul’s voice sounds okay to me, none of us get to pick our voices.

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