With the way injuries are piling up, that might be our starting five tonight against Miami. Here’s the latest on the body count:

Powe, who banged knees with Chicago’s Ben Gordon, will be evaluated in Boston today but doesn’t expect to play tonight.

Rondo hurt his right ankle in the third quarter but he got it taped in the locker room and returned with 4:47 left in the period. An injury to his ankle recently caused Rondo to miss two games, and he was uncertain about his status tonight.

Allen hyperextended his right elbow late in the game and was uncertain about tonight as well.

I’m waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out of an SUV at any moment and say “You got punked.” KG isn’t hurt and neither is anyone else. The NBA just wanted payback for the Celtics domination in 2008.

Doc Rivers had his hands full with the lineups last night. Without Mikki Moore and Leon Powe, the Celtics had one big man. And the Bulls took full advantage. Here’s what annoyed the hell out of me: on defense the Celtics continued to funnel their guys into the paint even though there were no bigs there to help. The Bulls got layup after layup after layup. Tommy was begging for them to get between their man and the ball.

Doc got his second tech and was subsequently tossed from the game with 30 seconds left. In the post-game presser, he ripped ref Bill Kennedy:

“The technical on which I got thrown out was the most unprofessional technical by a ref I’ve ever had,” Rivers said. “He stood there and goaded me and goaded me and stared at me.

“Look at the film. I actually walked away. He asked me, ‘Where do you want the ball?’ And I said, ‘Ask them,’ talking about my players. That’s my right to say that, and he walked away.

“He stood there and stared me down and stared me down and goaded me until I turned around and said, ‘What?’ That’s when I got thrown out of the game. In a [5-point] game? Think about that.”

Heinsohn erupted after the ejection. During his rant, my audio dropped out for a few seconds. Had me wondering whether Tommy dropped an expletive forcing someone in the Comcast truck to hit the big red button.

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34 Responses

  1. Is this a surprise that the refs are fucking with our team. We could make a highlight real of bad calls made against the celtics and the league should take it and stick it up their ass!! I can’t believe that Stern can watch this shit and be ok with his fucked up refs.

  2. I know its getting hard to watch the losses pile up but if you look at the standings were still the 3rd best in the leauge.Need to win tonight no matter who plays.

  3. It seems more and more people are sensing this ‘attitude’ from the Celtics. The refs, when they sense it, will slant their calls against this excessive attitude, so whether it really exists or not, they need to try to curb this belief.

  4. The T’s are getting ridiculous, in addition to Doc’s unexplainable ejection…Skywalker got T’d up for looking at Brad Miller?? Are you kidding, He didn’t even say anything to him, just looked at him

  5. I’m really tired about hearing that the refs are the reason were losing, its no fun when your not Stern’s darling this year but thats life so they need to shut up and shut down. its the last stretch of the season and the Celtics lack motivation and energy that’s the deal and until KG gets back and inspires this team I expect more of the same, will see another level of play in the playoffs.



    Play only JR, Billy, Steph, Mikki and Gabe for the rest of the regular season.


  7. I’m not going to blame the refs for this loss… but I will get on them for some really shitty technical foul calls.

    Fouls are sometimes so subjective… You can see how some are and aren’t called. But a tech is REALLY at the ref’s discretion. He could be in a bad mood and not like the look you shot him….. and bam… tech.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  8. Are the refs ever fined? But if anyone on a team says anything bad about them the get fined. The NBA… where Dictatorship happens

  9. I agree with Bill, bench all the starters play the new guys and rookies the rest of the way till the playoffs. Stick a big middle finger to Stern and his retarted refs then hoist up banner 18!!

  10. Now I don’t understand people who don’t want to blame the refs. Why is that exactly? Because it’s not “macho”? Because real men suck it up and take it and win anyway? I just don’t get it. Is this or is this not supposed to be a FAIR GAME? Should or shouldn’t the playing field be level? If and when the refs are bad, shouldn’t they be called out for it? And how is anything ever gonna change if everybody just “sucks it up”?

    Whatever… the NBA is full of shit, and I’m glad and proud of Doc for finally AT LEAST calling one asshole ref out on his bullshit.

  11. […] and mashed potato famine LOY’s Place Comments from the other side – Bulls Red’s Army Overmatched? Examiner The Celtics injuries are officially ridiculous Southtown Star Rivers has high praise for […]

  12. So Doc Rivers getting thrown out of the game was why the Celtics lost? Looking at the box score, it looks like neither technical nor personal fouls had anything to do with the Celtics losing to the Bulls.

    All this whining about calls is beginning to remind me of Lakers fans and their boo-hoo’ing after last night’s choke fest.

  13. Between all the injuries forcing us to bring out the end of our bench and the Bulls wearing our uniforms, I was very confused last night.

    The 6 Guinness’ and couple of Jameson’s didn’t help much

  14. After the first quarter, the foul shots were 22-6 in favor of the Bulls.

    But the Celtics had 24-10 points in the paint.

    Think about that.

    How can a team have 14 MORE points in the paint, but 16 FEWER foul shots?

    Because the refs weren’t calling the same fouls in the paint(where most shooing fouls occur) on both ends of the floor.

    It’s not whining. It’s simple math.

    combine that with completely BULLSHIT tech calls in a 5 point game with 25 seconds left?

    Crookery. Straight up. I think there are more Donaghey’s in this league that Stern wants to admit.

  15. Btw, Kennedy was actually seen WAVING GOODBYE at Doc right after he ejected him from the game. You know, like an infant in a playground. Only in the NBA.

  16. What actually worked in Boston’s favor last year were the mass Bullshit chants in the Garden when the Refs were sticking it to the green. Once those chants would start, it was like Stern got the batphone out and told his guys to call it even so his product would not be disgraced on a national platform.

    We need someone who a sh!tload of tivo’d games to put together a 3 min youtube clip of all the terrible calls against the Cs and circulate wh0re that bitch around the internet.

  17. I am just wondering…why does Mikki Moore get in so much foul trouble. I don’t follow the C’s as closely as most of you, and have not followed Moore at all. It seems he’s been in foul trouble nearly every game. He doesn’t seem to be overly aggressive and doesn’t have a ton of time (till now). Is it because of his size? Is it because of the refs? Or is he a foul-happy player and I do not recognize it? We need him to last!

  18. ^follow up…

    if that gets circulated enough, then you find it on PTI, sports talk shows will bring up whether or not the Champs are getting screwed over by the refs, Bloggers will be mentioning (probably calling us whiners), but it’s publicity. And there’s no such thing as bad publicity. It’s putting the refs vs. the Celts on a national platform. It’s shedding light on this madness. Things will HAVE to change because Stern cant’ jeopardize the NBA product anymore with so much attention on is refs in lieu of the Donnaghy scandal.

    –Completely agree w/ DRJ too. Been saying that for years.

  19. There was no expletive from Tommy but his rant was classic….. so much so that it made me glad that Doc was tossed just so that going down in defeat would be made entertaining by the greatest announcer of all-time.

  20. the ref’s in the NBA are the worst. the problem is their lack of consistency. unlike last year where they let us play tough D, this year, especially without KG, we get called for these ticky tack fouls early in the game while the other team gets away with the no calls. perk was marked by all the refs, he gets called automaticly for moving screens and he wont ever be able to get offesive rebound with out being calld for a push. his reactions arn’t helping either.
    the refs are getting affected by the general belief that the c’s are not as good as last year. and they whistle accordinly.
    but as bad as the c’s are officiated this year its a bigger problem. we all remember the no call vs the lakers in the garden… how about last night the magic got called for 3 seconds with 30 second to go, down by one in cleveland… 3 fu***ng second! the ball was somwhere beyond the 3 pt ark!
    somhow there is a generl feeling around most NBA fans that somthing extremely fishy is going on with the ref’s, and its getting worst every year.

  21. The Celtics really have gotten some bad fouls in big moments called against them this season.

    But in all honesty I’d rather see them lose a game like last night where they played hard for the most part and got beat either because of lack of players (due to injuries) or questionable officiating than the way they lost on Sunday in Milwaukee. Does anyone think the Celtics would have lost last night if they had Leon Powe, or Scal, or KG or Big Baby available down the stretch? You can’t play small ball for almost an entire quarter in a close game and expect to come out on top. They didn’t have any interior defense and asking Bill Walker to come in during a crunch time situation at Power Forward is crazy, really. In a typical game there are 5 other guys who would be at PF ahead of him.

    But the injuries are getting ridiculous. At this point I’d rather they play the remainder of the regular season without Rondo, Perk, KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen then run any risk of not having any of them when they need them.

    I’d rather see Pruitt, Bill Walker, Mikki Moore, Marbury and JR Giddens start the remainder of the games, get some reps and figure out their roles than lose anyone else major to injury.

  22. ^I mean I know he gave Jermaine O’Neal fits, but Walker is not a PF…I saw a couple times he was guarding Miller in the post

    I like that he got burn though. WGN’s commentators must have criticized Walker for approx. ~30 minutes last night thought. It was nerve-racking.

  23. Scal!! Come back Scal! We need you..

  24. *though

  25. Whatever the Bulls were way more aggresive in the 1st half Tyrus took it hard every time he’s going to get the calls. Where was the D on Miller? This team is tired and have already given up the chase with Clevland and ORLANDO they have played two teams fighting for a playoff spot blame the refs all ya want if it makes you feel better about the loss Injuries new players lack of effort in the 1st half coaching and then the refs are why we lost.

  26. Man this is horrible.. I guess its a good thing that I’m on vacation in Gasol Country, but to put a positive spin on this at least this is all happening before the playoffs. & even if we get the 3rd seed we might be better off not facing the Pistons.

    p.s. everyone over here looks like Pau Gasol… its so annoying.

  27. Try a full stop every now and then so we can understand you.

    No doubt bad calls get accentuated when you lose, having said that the refereeing has been bad in wins too!!!

  28. You guys are being ridiculous blaming everything on the refs. The Celtics are riddled with injuries, there is not one team in the league that could sustain all the injuries to their team that we have and keep winning consistently. You all expect them to win every night because that is what you are used to, well LOOK AT THE TEAM. No one is left to play at this point, how can you expect them to win all the time with who they have left. If everyone gets healthy we will be fine, but that is a BIG if, especially with the playoffs starting so soon

  29. My bad Al. I get fired up sometimes and type like a moron.

  30. double P reppin the B,

    I don’t expect them to win every game they play. Injuries or no injuries. What i do expect however, is a fair and balanced game to be called. I expect that EVERY game. But that is clearly not the case. You can shove it aside bad calls aside and call it sour grapes or you can address it. This has and is a reoccurring theme with this team and within the league as a whole.

    I’m not going to live in denial and just ignore piss poor officiating which is putting the integrity of the game in question.

  31. anyone else still hung over?

  32. Boycott the NBA, the teams including the Celtics untill the refs call games in favor of the Celtics. Either put up or shut up. Won’t catch me complaining about my favorites lose. The other team won and only one can. Keep crying and justify what every other fan thinks bout C’s fans. If the fans r the sixth man and thus part of the team, this seasons squad will go down as the biggest sore losers of all time. Now you can bash me cause that’s what you do, it can’t be the players fault and always someone else. I know you don’t care what I think but imma starting think that if it’s not SM’s fault it just might be the fans fault. Worst sixth man of all time!

  33. the officiating has been atrocious this season every good team can play themselves back in a game when the calls are at the very least called by the nba’s usual incompetent standards but the celtics hardly ever have the chance to do this whilst the other top teams get breaks from the refs
    home games FT disparities 36-12 against the Mavs 38-12 vs the Cavs when they were the ones dominating the points in the paint dwight howard and lebron having games where they only pick up 1 foul
    KG fouling out in the lakers game bs timeout call for clippers 6 men on the court the list goes on and on

  34. Will all the morons please stop posting how we’re “crying” over the refs? And really, it’s ridiculous when you say it’s not the refs, the Cs have a depleted team, or Doc’s rotations are weird, etc. We know and talk about all those things too. Is it too hard for you to imagine that there may be MORE THAN ONE REASON for a loss? And our point is that DESPITE all the many negatives this team is facing, many of these recent games might have been won anyway if not for the terrible and clearly one-sided officiating.

    I know of no game this season that was WON by the Cs as a result of bad officiating. It’s very strange that ref bias always seems directed at helping the other guys. If it were just incompetence… and there is NO doubt that there is plenty of that… there would be a somewhat more equal distribution.

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