Powe Out… Ray Might Be Too

Danny Ainge was just on WEEI giving the player updates we’ve been waiting all day for… and it’s not good.

  • Leon Powe is out for tonight.
  • Ray Allen is probably out, but he left the door open.  He did say Ray’s arm stiffened overnight.
  • Rondo should be able to go.
  • And Big Baby might be ready to go.

8 Responses

  1. Danny Should sign Antoine to a 10 day contract.

  2. ahahah Fuck no

  3. Danno
    so if the C’s lose will it be cause the ability of the players may not be able to overcome Wades ability or can we blame it on the refs already?
    i just looked at the fakeshow nation post lose report and no one is blaming the lose on anything but the players/coach.
    I know really last years title was a very long time coming but blaming the refs is something fakers fans don’t seem to do as prolific as our fans do.

  4. An open letter to Doc Rivers:


    First off, thank you for all the hard work you put in last year to raise Banner 17. That championship run was amazing and you are one of the most deserving of the credit. Keep up the good work!

    Turning our attention to this season, congratulations on a great first half of the season. This team was unbeatable through Christmas and you guys set the NBA record for the best start to the season. But the only thing that matters now is raising Banner 18. The fans want it as badly as you do. So that is why I’m writing to offer you a bit of advice: let Cleveland have home court. You are not going to catch them and make up 4.5 games from the remaining 14. It just isn’t going to happen. But it doesn’t matter. Nobody cares who wins the regular season. So here’s what you do:

    1. Play the JV team for the rest of the season. Let LA and Cleveland keep winning, and hopefully they’ll peak prematurely.

    2. Rest your big guns–Ray, Truth, KG, Beastondo and the bench. They’re beat up right now. Get them healthy and ready to whoop some ass come Playoff time. Better yet, take a vacation yourself. Do what Pat Riley did last year and hit the beach for a few days. Recharge your batteries and let Danny or Clifford Ray coach the JV squad.

    A healthy Celtics team firing on all cylinders can beat anybody. ANYBODY! But the first step is getting your team healthy for the Playoffs. SO DO IT, GODDAMMIT!

    And if you’re thinking about pissing away any more money by getting fined or ejected, considering keeping your mouth shut and donating that money to the Bill Fund: Money…for Bill.



  5. Not because of the “ability” of the players.

    because of the LACK of players.

    We’re very likely going into this one with 8 men available.

    8 players.


    Think about that for a minute.

    Now add on top of that, add ridiculously over the top fouls favoring every other team because the Celts supposedly have a “bad rep” amongst NBA refs.

    I don’t expect them to win every game given the shape they are in with injuries. But there have been MORE than a few games in the last two weeks that they should have won, or would have been much closer if the refs weren’t dicking around like they have been.

  6. Bill– Apparently Doc did keep his mouth shut. All he said to get ejected was “Ask them” – referring to the players deciding where to take the ball out. Tech, ejection. If there’s any justice, Bill Kennedy would get fined and/or fired.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  7. Full disclosure: when I say ability it includes skills, will to win, and all the things other than skill that Ray, Paul and KG have. Zero skill = zero wins

    8 man rotation is very bad agreed but using that logic would mean that all those years of L’s with relatively full benches had nothing to do with the players ability and everything to do with the refs.

    8 man rotation is very bad (second time I agreed with you) but do you think the worst team in the association says to themselves before a game against one of the top 4 (celtics at full strength included) “Thank god we have a full bench” when looking at their schedule.

    8 man rotation is bad (3rd and final time) but wouldn’t you agree a team with a healthy 8 man rotation with the big three, Lebrick, Dwad, two roll players and the rapist has a good chance a winning at the 65/70/75 percentile while the team we may put on the floor tonight (if ray can’t ball) doesn’t?

    8 man rotation and the refs seem to be easy way of deflecting any attention away from ability of the healthy players we have tonight. They are factors but so is twittering during halftime but really when it boils down it’s the teams ability that wins games in this league.

  8. Does anybody have a link for the video from last night where Doc got ejected and Tommy went berserk?

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