The Mother-Fffin Truth

The Captain would not be denied tonight – 36 pts (21 in 4th/OT), 11 reb and 5 assists in 47 minutes.

Big games for Rajon Rondo (27 pts, 10 assists) and Eddie House (16 pts, 3-4 3FG).

Celtics 112 – Miami 108 | Box Score | Recap

Congratulations – the Celtics are Atlantic Division champs!!!!


29 Responses

  1. Did anybody else find Mark Jackson’s and Whoever Barry’s nonstop catfight about Wade, Bryant and James to be damned annoying? And why were at it why did Dave Pesch remind us ever 3 seconds Wade was playing but wouldn’t mention the fact that Boston was with out about 10 players?

    Oh well nice win!

  2. Wow and I rip Laker fan for their English…

    And why we’re at it why did Dave Pesch remind us ever 3 seconds Wade wasn’t playing but wouldn’t mention the fact that Boston was with out about 10 players?

  3. That’s why I watched Mike and Tommy.

  4. I noticed the exact same things, Count.

    As for the game, thats what I like to see, rather than tail off at the end of the game, Boston stepped up; Pierce was the man, Rondo paced the team throughout the game and Eddie was deadly.

  5. I flipped over for 5 seconds and once I realized it wasn’t ESPN’s top announcing team – I switched back.

  6. Miami without Wade is not even supposed to be a viable team. All that youth and energy goes a long way though, and Chalmers and Beasley are damn good players (and getting nothing but better). Anybody facing the Heat in the playoffs better be on their game… this is a good team, destined to get better.

    But really, this is not the Celtics anymore. We got Marbury, Moore (Mr. foul machine), Walker, half of Baby… if they weren’t wearing green I would hardly recognize this team.

    I got one comment I know will be hated…. Gotta love that DWade, Superstar, sitting on the bench applauding his young teammates, urging them on. No attitude there… just a real upstanding guy. Now compare that to KG – he who now holds the record for the longest time ever taken to heal from a muscle strain. Guy hasn’t shown up once on the bench. I’ve heard the excuses, and fine if you wanna believe them… but I find that disturbing.

  7. I’m with you DRJ. KG should be on the bench.

  8. I think KG would break Sam Cassell’s record for most t’s by a player in a suit if he went to the I just hope he is well rested for his return.

  9. KG is just too intense-it is what it is I guess. Marc Jackson and Jon Barry were arguing like 7th grade girls. I was switching back and forth as well. ESPN just has much better HD in my opinion. But CSN has Tommy…So we get Baby back in exchange for Powe??? Did Doc make a deal with the Devil last year……

  10. I never watch the national broadcasts anymore when Mike and Tommy are also doing the game…..

    I mean, for me, listening to Mike and Tommy is part of being a Celtics fan… it’s just not the same without them.

    Crowd was excellent tonight. Really enjoyable game to go to.

    Didn’t this remind you of the Celtics three years ago? Very entertaining, horrible defense, the Paul Pierce show, etc.

  11. Something to end everyone’s night on a good note:

  12. Yes, the team is keeping out KG even though he is not injured. That would make alot of sense. How do you know this is the longest time being out for a muscle strain? Your accusations at a player who before the last 2 years had missed a total of around 25 or so games is disturbing.

  13. Well, Rondo SHOULD be able to hit open jumpers…but that doesn’t mean he should start firing them up like Eddie House.

    Is it really that hard to believe that the team (including KG) is better off with him staying home rather than watching getting worked up on the sideline? KG’s intense enough when he PLAYS, imagine being as intense as him and watching from the sideline. If he was perfect he would be able to handle it. Guess we’ll have to settle for near perfection.

    As for Jon Barry and Mark Jackson’s nag-fest over Wade, James, and Bryant on ESPN was a disgrace. Excuse me Mr. (Ringless) Basketball Experts, but the reigning Bill Russell Finals MVP is leading his defending champions in basketball battle before our eyes. YOU MIGHT WANT TO CALL THE GAME!!! I was hoping that Red and Johnny Most’s ghosts would cut their, umm, mikes off.

  14. What injury did Dwade sustain anyways?

  15. According to ESPN’s broadcast Wade has a sore hip.

  16. TheCount you need to relax, this isn’t a grammar blog. You knew what he meant you don’t need to be a dick about it.

    Regardless, GO C’S!! Stay healthy!!

  17. I think that shot in overtime by rondo was supposed to be a alley op to perk but it worked great game but orlando won too.

  18. Don’t need to trip about our seeding we got’em where we want them! Mother FF’IN A! 3rd Seed is Ok, we can finish off the Cavs in the 2nd round when we are fresher while they are over confident and don’t know what’s coming from the champs. You feel me?

  19. I’ve been thinking about the pattern of injuries we’ve seen on the Cs, and have a prediction. Sometime before the end of the regular season, after KG comes back, Paul Pierce will be out for 1-2 weeks. The given reason will be “muscle strain”.

  20. Kristovar – March 18, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    My Bad Kristovar I thought you were one of the trolls for some reason. Your written confused me for a minute. I am a moron. Forgive me.

  21. No doubt PP will be out a couple weeks before the end of the regular season. This will give Walker and giddens some time and rest PP for start before the run at banner 18.

  22. Wow, Im glad i didnt watch espn, and i never will again either when it comes to the NBA, i could literally kill myself listening to their crews talk about lebron and kobe during celtics games

  23. You got it DRJ…Ray should stay “hurt” for a little while and then Paul will get “hurt” and have to miss a few games too.

    We’re not catching the Cavs, atleast get these guys some rest. Let the rooks and newbies get extended playing time. Everyone will need to contribute this year for us to win, PJ Brown and James Posey are not walking through those doors again.

  24. who cares if it will get walker and giddens some time, thats not what we’re looking for…they shouldnt be playing and wont be playing when it really matters….PP has to continue to play the rest of the season to regain the chemistry with the entire team, not just walk into to the playoffs rested and have no chemistry. ideally his minutes will come down, but not vanish altogether

  25. DRJ- I was thinking the same thing, until I thought about how KG would have to be complicit in that kind of plan, and there’s NO WAY he would sit if he didn’t have to. Maybe Doc’s getting him injected with knee pain.

    Also, if you missed Mike and Tommy last night, you didn’t hear about the loaf of bread and the hobos. I didn’t totally get it myself, but it was a metaphor for how awesome PP is, and Tommy said it, so it rocks.

  26. Come on people. The Celtics are not going to keep players out if they’re not really injured. If they just wanted to keep them fresh for the playoffs, they’d play them, but at reduced minutes. That would keep them from getting rusty, would best maintain their chemistry with their teammates, and would help them win games, without wearing the players out. KG has probably wanted back out there for a while. Do you think you could keep that man out of a ballgame if he wasn’t really injured? Good luck. Maybe they are being cautious with injured players, as they should be, but they aren’t faking injuries. If not for all the players missing games, we’d probably be battling for the best record in the league, or at least top seed in the east, even if KG, Ray, and Paul were playing at reduced minutes.

  27. Great win. Awesome game. Refs were still attrocious.

  28. The poll is fun…lets do it again

  29. Just a Tech note –

    Kobepurplecobra – ESPN’s HD is actually lower res than CSNNE’s.

    ESPN (like their parent company ABC) broadcasts their HD at 720p.

    Comcast Sports Net is 1080.

    But Comcast’s scoreboard placement and occasional score ticker/screen squisher is fucking horrible, and the fact that the CNS promos are about 10db louder than anything else on that channel is sad.

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