Doc AND Ref Fined

I’ve never heard of a double fine… until now.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers was fined $25,000 by the NBA today for publicly criticizing referee Bill Kennedy after a loss to Chicago last Tuesday. The penalty was determined by Stu Jackson. Referee Billy Kennedy was also fined an undisclosed amount for his conduct with Rivers at the end of the game, according to an NBA source. Neither was suspended any games.

Well… the NBA clearly won’t stand for any criticism of referees, even when they pretty much agree with the criticism by issuing a fine.  At least they fined the guy, I guess.


7 Responses

  1. Interesting how there is no problem announcing what Doc was fined but the ref’s fine is ‘undisclosed’

  2. Refuck was obviously abusing his power! This is bad news cause we might have to face this same ref in a critical game in the playoffs. Fuck!

  3. Whatever man. Everyone loves to hate a champ.

  4. yeah, why is the ref’s fine undisclosed?
    who knows if they really gave him a fine.
    stupid league officials! they’re acting like gods!
    you can’t question their screw-ups!
    fuck ’em!

  5. What do refs make – 150K? If so I bet Kennedy was hit with a $500 fine – max.

  6. seriously hope we don’t encounter this douche come playoffs

  7. exactly what Chuck said, these guys make piddlings compared to teh players. Even the Vet Refs only make about $200K – $250k. You can’t exactly fine a guy 1/5th of his salary.

    They probably fined him for his pay for that particular game. Maybe $500 or $1k.

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