How Could I Overlook Rondo?

There’s no doubt Paul Pierce was the hero of last night’s win over the Heat. He’s “a killer,” according to Stephon Marbury. But what about Rondo?

47 minutes, 27 pts, 11-20 FG, 3 reb, 10 assists, 2 TO

A point guard committing two turnovers in 47 minutes is absurd. And with Ray out of the game, Rondo made it clear he would pick up the slack on offense by taking a career high 20 shots. Is it me or does Rajon look more confident taking that 17-foot jumper over the past week? This kid (he’s freakin’ 23) has me drooling over his potential.

We learn this morning that KG will travel with the team to San Antonio and Memphis. But that’s not a guarantee he will play. The defense has been rather porous over the past two games (Bulls – 127 pts, 53% FG; Heat – 108 pts, 47%) and we all know why:

“Just having his presence out there means so much for the defense,” Pierce said, “the way he covers the floor, the way he yells and talks on each possession. I mean, Kevin is basically everything for our defense – the Defensive Player of the Year– one of the greatest players to ever play the game, and when you lose a piece like that, of course you’re going to lose something defensively. But the guys that are in there have to make up for it. There’s only one Kevin Garnett so these guys have to do the best they can.”

It’s a just a hunch but I say KG will play Saturday night. I can’t imagine he would play in both games. Playing him against the Spurs, then sitting him in Memphis would be disruptive to Garnett and the team’s “rhythm.” Playing him Saturday (with an off day Sunday) keeps it simple. At least in my warped mind.

With the additions of Mikki Moore, Stephon Marbury and guys coming back from injury, the remaining few weeks of the season could like look training camp.

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4 Responses

  1. I think what Rondo and Pierce are showing us in these guys’ absence is that they can do more than what they’ve done this season… but both are sacrificing for the team. With KG, Ray and Paul on the floor… Rondo is a 4th option. His focus is feeding the big guys. But when those guys aren’t around, he can shift his game.

    Pierce is doing kinda the same thing. With Ray and KG around… he’ll defer to make sure they get theirs too. But without them, he can still carry this team and drop 30+. It’s a pretty big sacrifice, because he could be much higher on the scoring list… but he’s doing what’s best for his team and chances to repeat.

  2. Very true my friend. It’s pretty clear the team has all bought into sacrificing and last night proved that rondo is a clear
    Scoring threat any given night

  3. Thank to Miami coach Spoelstra:

    Most of all, and I sincerely mean this will all of my heart, THANK YOU for not doubling up Paul Pierce in the fourth quarter until the final possession. Holy cow thank you for this. THANK YOU for allowing The Truth to single-handedly break down your defenders from the same spot on four straight possessions in the fourth quarter and allowing him to make four straight jumpers. THANK YOU for letting the obvious closer on the team close out the game with 16 points in the fourth and OT, ending with 36 points. Seriously, thank you for reminding us what Paul Pierce had to do for the last 10 years in the NBA while carrying this team by himself. THANK YOU for letting us get a glimpse that Pierce still has the ability to carry a team when it matters and when he has to. THANK YOU for reminding me, however, that it is more enjoyable to see Pierce on the floor in the company of guys like KG and Ray-Ray and feeling like this team is unstoppable when on top of their game– but it’s still fun to watch him turn into the Terminator.

  4. It’s easy to overlook Double R’ when Captain Pierce is shooting like last night. We take Rondo for granted sometimes and overlook all the great things he does on the court. We all saw what happened when he missed couple of games the team seemed lost without Rondo. I’ve also noticed RR is shooting the ball with more confidence and without hesitation. Great sign! We’ve been waiting for him to do it! He will be even better when we get our full squad back.

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