Moore Work To Do

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I’m going to try real hard not to get on a guy who has been thrust into more minutes than anyone would have liked… in a new system that’s hard to pick up… without the best defender on the team to help him out.


Mikki Moore has got to play smarter.

I’m willing to look past missed defensive assignments because I know he’s trying and, like I said, it’s tough to pick up this defensive scheme so quickly with a patchwork squad.  I’ll let him slide on missed rotations and not showing on pick and rolls.  That all will come.

But a team thin on height that’s now missing two bigs… Mikki Moore just CAN’T keep fouling like he has.  It’s got to stop.  Jess Camerato notes today:

Over the last five games, he has been whistled for a league-leading total of 26 personal fouls.

“I’m playing aggressive, trying to do the right thing, and most of my calls are just touch fouls,”  Moore said after the game.  “That’s why I’m frustrated. But a foul is a foul. I have to make my fouls count.”

Moore explains there is a difference between a good foul and a bad foul. He should know. He led the NBA with 310 personal fouls during the 2008 season.

Yes, you have to make your fouls count Mikki… when we’re at full strength.  Right now, you have to make your minutes count.  Besides, you can’t learn this system when you’re on the bench.

Again, I know he’s working hard and I know it’s going to take time for him to pick things up…. but that doesn’t excuse the fouls.  Those have to stop.  Right now, we need minutes out Moore, more than anything else.


8 Responses

  1. he needs to go back and watch some tapes of pj, because pj got in A LOT of foul trouble last year, all the way through while he was playing with us, but the difference was PJ’s fouls seemed to be all meaningful fouls, he gave momentum stopping fouls and hard fouls that sent a message and most importantly he used all 6 of his fouls in a very efficient way to where he made them all count

    basically he had no stupid fouls, every one of his fouls made seemed to be almost calculated beforehand and that was the beauty of PJ’s fouling, whereas Mikki keeps picking up perk fouls on offensive screens and by jumping on the pick and roll guy

    he also gets called for a hell of a lot of d 3 seconds, which is funny because if you go back and watch the tape you can see that he is almost always aware of where his feet are in the paint, he almost spends too much time making sure his feet are out before he gets back in the paint yet he still gets called for it twice a game

  2. Garnett and Allen have gone on the road trip with the Team.

  3. I don’t know which suit was worse last night.

    Ray Allen looking like a bad Hip Hop video back up dancer.

    Dwayne Wade looking like Judge Smails from Caddy Shack.

  4. It looks like Mikki has a 3 ft. pinky in that picture.

  5. LOL Tim – That explains why he picks up so many fouls

  6. Hopefully big mikki can develope some hands along with his defensive rotations. I dont think I have seen him catch a pass cleanly since he joind the C’s. Having said that, he has been trying hard and thrust into a difficult situation so you gotta respect his effort.

  7. I posed a question similar to this yesterday. I think a lot of his fouls are really bad calls. Partly, I feel he has trouble moving and is awkwardly positioned in a lot of plays.

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