Red’s Army Dancer Madness

It’s March Madness… Red’s Army style.  We’re pitting dancer against dancer… and you’re making the decision which dancer is the hottest in the NBA.

Because there are 15 teams in each conference, one dancer we’ve deemed the 1 seed gets a first round bye.  In the East, the #1 seed is our very own Alison Preston


Here’s our first round matchup:

Nikki – Miami



Tiffany – Milawaukee Bucks


In the West:

Meet Jessica of the Dallas Mavericks….our #1 seed.



Our first round match-up:

Kerry – Denver Nuggets

Kerry Nuggets Dancer


Harmony – L.A. Clippers

Harmony Clippers Dancer


8 Responses

  1. Great stuff-and the 2 who get byes DEFINITELY deserve

  2. Judging from the Poll Results so far… Reds Army readers like them some boobs.

    and I agree.

  3. Hmmm.. what did you mean by “#1 Seed”?

  4. Nikki and Jessica are amazing. I like Nikki the best.

  5. Ummm..YEAH!!

  6. Kerry is making a comeback…but Tiffany is getting trounced.

  7. I realize Jessica is a knockout and all, but her otherwise perfect body is severely marred by those ridiculous plastic melons on her chest… you know, where the boobs are supposed to go.

    Alison’s best. Imperfect maybe, but real.

  8. […] Most importantly – don’t forget to vote in our Dancer Madness. […]

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