Refs Union Bitching about Kennedy’s Fine

No surprise here – the union representing NBA officials is whining about the fine given to that egomaniac Bill Kennedy:

“Some things you cannot take out of the arsenal of the officials. It’s not a stare to start some kind of disagreement or goad him into getting ejected, it’s just like, ‘Hey, enough is enough,” referees union spokesman Lamell McMorris told The Associated Press. “And basically he didn’t even stare him down. He walked away, he turned his back per what he is trained to do and he removed himself from the situation.

“As far as we’re concerned, Billy Kennedy followed every rule according to the referee’s manual as it relates to handling situations like this. The only person in this scenario who has had a pattern of behavior that is unprofessional is Doc Rivers, not Billy Kennedy.”

Blah blah bull-shit blah. Any mention of Kennedy waving to Doc as he left the court?

Still no word on how much Kennedy was fined. The union was quick to point out that this is the 2nd time Doc’s been fined for bitching about officiating – the last time coming after the Lakers game in Feb.

Memo to refs (and the union) – Do your job consistently and we won’t have this problem.

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7 Responses

  1. Blah, blah..bullshit is right….

  2. How’s that saying go…where if you know the refs or umps name, he’s doing a bad job.

    We don’t watch the game for the refs. You are not part of the entertainment. I like to think I’m not watching the WWE w/ plotted scripts and scenarios.

    Call it like it is. I can’t stand “superstar treatment” (which also means there’s “Rookie treatment”) and refs’ tendancies to “even the calls” for when one team gets a couple quick but blatant fouls called, the other team is quickly whistled for a ticky tack foul to even the calls.

    And the problem here is that the NBA doesn’t want to see a lopsided amount of fouls called on one team. It looks bad in a box score for people who aren’t even witnessing the fouls taken place. Even if a team was hacking the sh!t out of everyone and the fouls are deserved, they whistle the other team for touch fouls so it doesn’t look like they’re playing to one side. And this leads to bad calls and make up calls and it compounds on itself.

    Just call it like it is.

  3. I remember being at a Sox game maybe 2 yrs ago, 1st game since 2003 so it’s been awhile and Papi and the ump got into it in the 1st or 3rd inning. The ump kept baiting Papi who’s trying to walk away like this guy did with Rivers. The ump ends up tossing a SuperStar, the guy I’m there to see, out of the game. I’m paying good money to watch Ortiz mash baseballs at the plate not to watch some ump on a power trip get his panties in a knot.

    (sheesh, i guess I’m pretty angry and hungover today. Need Paul to light up the Spurs tonight to change this mood.)

  4. I’m shocked he’s only had two ejections this season considering the bs the refs have been passing off as legit calls for the majority of the celtics games

  5. Problem is Doc and other coaches should be complaining more considering how bad the reffing is.

  6. I wonder if Kennedy’s relatives will descend upon this blog like they did one of mine and leave comments like…

    “You dumb-ass boston fans bitch and moan about everything; bill kennedy is a well respected playoff official in the nba and happens to be a good friend of mine and let me tell you he takes his job as serious as anyone. He could really care less who wins or loses the games he officiates. So take a swig of your Sam Adams’ and take a chill pill!! You know I was happy for the Celtics last year when they won the title but now you have these delusions of grandeur. Garnett is hurt and that is unfortunate, but quit your bitching and take your medicine. They’ll be fine come playoff time.”

  7. A wise man once told me that a fisherman baits and the fish takes it. If the fish takes it it’s the fishes fault for becoming dinner not the fisherman for casting his hook.

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