Tony Parker Chokes Hard

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  1. PP was like 3 for 30 but what won the game was the C’s only committing 4 turn over!!! ONLY 4!!!

  2. That’s disturbing.

  3. Ball dont lie dont lie dont lie dont lie.

  4. Yeah. interesting to see the celtics commit only 4 turnovers, a game after the cavs tie an NBA record with only 2…good game, good win
    Huge shot by BBD, Ray played valiantly, Pierce never got going but did a job on the boards, great to have KG back, and I actually thought Perk was awesome, way better then his stats indicate, and was just a pest to duncan and anyway in the paint all night…great job and great scoring when given the oppurtunity

  5. the refs were helping san antonio win..but boston man said it right.. Ball Dont Lie!

    P.S. Finley and Parker chokes big time!

  6. Pierce was 3-16 with 12 boards….very interesting stat line for the truth to say the least…just flat out didnt have it offensively but made his impact

  7. I’m convinced KG had some influence on those free throws from the bench. I know I’m not knocking down ANY free throws while KG is shouting in tongues less than 20 feet away from me. That’s some scary ish.

  8. “Los Spurs”??? My God, I hope the league never forces “Los Celticos” jerseys on us…..

  9. I have to watch games on LP, and this game was on the awful NBA TV Network. Pre-game and halftime were nothing but Tony Parker circle jerks. End of the game, not a word.

    I mean don’t get me wrong Parker played GREAT…. except, you know, when it mattered.

  10. I think we found out the reason KG does not sit on the bench when he is injured. Although maybe bringing him on the bench during crucial opponant FT’s at the end of a game is not a bad idea. LOL

  11. Kudos to Doc for not giving in and playing KG more than the planned minutes. Would have been easy to plug him back into the last 2 minutes.

  12. BigMck..

    where do you find these photos? HaHaHa~

  13. Wish there was a better pic of those awesome retro Jordan 11’s Ray had on. I agree though-it would’ve been easy for Doc to have panicked and put KG in, but he didn’t. Just having him on the bench was enough-he brings so much goddamn energy! 4 turnovers was the other huge thing that jumped out at me-I can’t remember the last time we had single-digit turnover total. Hopefully this is the start of another nice win-streak….

  14. I loved this game all the way through, win or lose. The first half was so bad, I laughed… Cs put on a clinic on How To Miss A Layup – Let Us Count The Ways. Sheesh. But we got through it only 5 down.
    – KG takes all of 2 quarters to get back in game shape. Wow.
    – There is a HUGE intangible difference with KG there. It’s SO real.
    – Even Mikki did a 180 from all his previous game. Just ONE foul, ZERO turnovers, hit 2 for 2 from the field. What the hell happened?? Gotta be KG’s influence… but this guy, as he played today, easily replaces PJ.
    – 4 TOs. Uhh, did the body snatchers invade the Celtics??
    – You can see the team starting to gel now. All that extra time for the bench really comes through, with Mikki and Baby especially today. Looks like they are gonna time it perfectly to reach their peak for the playoffs.

  15. The biggest thing to me of the game was steph buying into the D system and taking a charge on duncan

  16. Mike Gorman called Star “unselfish”. Who’d a thunk..?

  17. DRJ- just because KG looked good in that 2nd half last night, dont start thinking hes already in game shape, lol because its gonna take longer then that…think Marburys first game back, it was probably the best game hes played to date (vs the pacers) then the rust really showed up after that

    KG hasnt been out as year obviously, but even last year when he missed a few weeks it took him a good week + to get back in NBA game shape

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