Big Baby!!!

I didn’t see a second of this game – so I’ll leave the analysis up to the Associated Press:

Glen Davis scored 24 points on 8-of-11 shooting, and the Boston Celtics pulled away in the second half for a 105-87 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night.

Ray Allen added 20 points and six assists, while Eddie House contributed 15 points as the Celtics won their third straight overall and fifth in a row over the Grizzlies.

Kevin Garnett, still playing limited minutes in his second game back from a right knee injury, scored 10 points and grabbed four rebounds in 17 minutes. Paul Pierce, Boston’s leading scorer with 20.5 points per game, was limited to six on 2-of-6 shooting.

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  1. Big Baby was two pints of Ben & Jerry’s gone wild. I was impressed with his performance tonight and last night’s game winner. He is officially comfortable within our offense, once opponents realize they should guard his Jumper that will open up our “O” even more.

    He sacrifices his body so much trying to draw offensive fouls sometimes I think is a bit too much, 8 out of 10 times the call goes against him. He is taking on big minutes and he is delivering. I am happy for BBD!!!!

    Walker also had a nice game during garbage time with under 6 mins left in the 4th. Couple of J’s and a sky Walker dunk was NICE.

    In addition Big Baby had a power dunk of his own I think in the 3rd quarter. I am hoping John or Chuck can get us a snap shot of that dunk. We all know BBD doesn’t dunk often.

    Mikki Moore and Marbury? I am waiting for those two guys to get into to it!!! Come On! Lets go! I know It will take time but time is running out.

    Peace out you guys have a great weekend.

  2. Baby threw it down on former lottery pick Darko Milicic. It’s pretty sad that this one-time supposed “future NBA superstar” is now best known for a blog named after him (Free Darko).’s your dunk FSantos..

  3. This one has it in real time also FSantos:

  4. Thanks for footage it was a nasty dunk wasn’t it. It’s not Darko’s fault he got picked so high. It was lack of intelligence by Joe Dumars.. Imagine if DET would have picked D.Wade rather than Darko where would DET be today.

  5. I forgot to give props to Perks new MOVE – “Fade away J’ in the paint” The Beast showcased it in San Antonio and tonight in Memphis. Its F’in sweet!

  6. Agree with all that’s been said. Perk’s fadeaway J has been there for a couple of weeks now… getting better all the time… it’s an awesome weapon because it’s basically unstoppable.

    Mikki had a good game last time, ok this time. Marbury’s confidence doesn’t seem to be there… everybody was worried about the WRONG thing with Steph… turns out his skills are the issue, not his attitude at all.

    PP is looking ragged and tired. They should give him a week off, get his mojo back.

  7. All I am worried about with Steph is can he be decent off the bench during the playoffs there is still time and still a little early to come up with final conclusion on him imo.

  8. Now we’re almost complete lets sweep these remaining games baby!…

  9. I’m with Nora-Steph did not play for a longggg time. Give him a break. I’d say if he’s not a scoring threat(which I don’t think he will be) in 3 weeks, there’s a problem. But it’s really just scoring-he is playing D and distributing the ball pretty well DR J, so I guess by “skills” you mean his scoring….?

  10. Yeah, mostly Steph’s scoring…. Not saying he won’t get there, hope he will. I really like Steph a lot… but he seems hesitant, uncertain of himself, not enough swagger. Guy’s got skills, we know that…. so it’s all about confidence now. Btw, Gabe has skills too… like that long outlet pass he showed us. What’s really looking great is that Baby and Powe seem to have hit their very peak… the best they’ve ever been… just as the playoffs are about to start. The whole team seems to be coming together right on time. As planned :)

  11. Well… not the WHOLE team. JR’s gone, Scal’s not coming back, and TA will probably be pretty useless even if he does make it back. The remaining 12 is what we’re going into battle with. (Isn’t Billy like a much more fun version of TA? And I think he has way more potential… plus an actual brain.)

  12. Yes-TA seemed to kind of panic at times and make some bad/dumb decisions. I think Steph will loosen up-it had to be so uncomfortable at 1st with KG I would think and all the hype/press that came with him coming to town. I really believe once playoffs start and most of the attention will focus on Big 3, he will really thrive. He is too skilled not to-it’s not like he can’t play….

  13. why do people think giving PP a week off would help him or the team?…lol..why so they can go into the playoffs working on chemistry without their captain? no thanks
    last thing we should do is give him a week off…a day off, taking it easier in practice and decreased minutes maybe…week off? NO

  14. Off subject here…but Am I the only one who cant watch National sports highlights or shows about the NBA anymore?
    gag me with a fork, I wake up and turn on NBAtv this morning and they are gushing about how LA is so good on the road, the best road team in the league, they must be the most ready to win a championship because of their road record (Lmao)

    fine, but someone smack these idiots with a brick to the head, because they werent the best road team in the league until this week when Boston lost some road games undermanned…the ironic thing is when boston did have the best road record for a couple of weeks – nothing got mentioned..NOTHING..
    by the way, we have more road wins then any team in the league, just a couple more losses then the idiot lakers…

    the lakers had 2 impressive road wins this season, of course here in boston(total fluke win) and giving cleveland there only home loss(basically they couldve beat the hall of fame in their prime they were on such a high from beating us) other then that, they arent a better road team then the other elite team by any stretch of the this point THEYVE PLAYED LESS ROAD GAMES

  15. Yeah, so we have played 4 more road games then the lakers, and of course recently lost a few because of being undermanned

    The idiots talking and acting like the lakers are above and beyond the best road team and its set in stone….are well, idiots
    Its pretty much a fluke at this point, theyve played less road games then the other elite teams, and if boston stayed healthy it would without a doubt have the best road record in the NBA, they do afterall already have more wins on the road then any other team in the NBA (national media would never mention that, or the fact that the lakers have had the best road record for all of a day of the season)

  16. So im flipping through ESPN, and of coure the lakers highlights come on, and the guy talking over them, calls the lakers “the best team in the world, or on the planet”

    Umm…really dipshit? they get that label ….how? they havent done anything yet, they dont have the best record in the league and arent defending champions….um yeah SHUT UP

  17. Wow, ESPN is pretty bad but I can’t believe they said that. They don’t look any better then any of the other top teams and has been mentioned before they have played 4 less road games and they get 2 extra home games then any other team even though they are thinly disguised as Clippers home games.

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