Open Game Thread

This is one of those rare, weird nights where Chuck and I are going to have to leave the store unattended.  So here’s the picture of Ray Allen in his retro Jordans some of you have been asking for… and a spot for you guys to talk about the game.  When one of us either gets home or out of jail, we’ll put up a post-game wrap.  Don’t steal anything while we’re gone.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the pic of the Jordans! I’m guessing with this the 2nd of a back-to-back no KG..? Especially with that hacker Gasol in. Knowing our luck, the big EuroKlutz would find a way to re-injure our boy.

  2. Great game for Baby and Perk..defense looking like it is supposed to again. KG also looking better-when he starts getting all “lathered up” and sweaty like that you know he’s starting to come around…

  3. those spanish nba jerseys look lame and gay.

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