Our Savior

KG for MVP? Not a chance in hell. But you get what I’m sayin’.

He’s the Celtics leader, master motivator, the straw that stirs the proverbial drink. He has the same effect as those little blue pills John takes. The Celtics get up with KG around. Have you ever seen a player make this type of impact in just 15 minutes?

“I’m the best cheerleader in the league,” said Garnett. “I just didn’t have my pompoms on. This was a very positive night for me. I felt OK. When I pushed on the gas and opened up the engine a little bit, I felt OK. Hopefully, we can build on this and continue.”

From his teammates: “I got a rebound and looked over at him – it’s the energy he has, he gives you energy just looking at him. That’s what I love about Kevin – he’s a wonderful guy and a competitor.” – Big Baby

“brings a swagger and intensity, he’s our leader on defense and gives the team a whole lot of swagger. We didn’t shoot well at the start but we stuck with our defensive principles and that got us through the game.” – Perk

Garnett said Doc will limit his minutes again tonight in Memphis. Whether he plays 15 or 20, it should be enough to beat the Grizz.

Perk (10 pts, 5 blks) was a defensive beast in the paint, holding  Timmy D to just 4 points in the second half. Let’s just say San Antonio noticed him:

Kendrick Perkins is a talkative soul. He spent a good portion of the game yapping at Tim Duncan. With the way he was playing volleyball with Duncan’s shots, maybe he had a right . After one such swat, Perkins whirled to the Boston bench and crossed his arms to signal an “X.” Whatever that means. Not sure when Perkins became so loquacious. Some believe Kevin Garnett — the league’s king of trash talk — has rubbed off on him. “He didn’t used to be that way until he got with KG,” one Spurs player told me.

Let me answer your questions: Perk’s played with a chip on his shoulder ever since he entered the league. And yes, KG has rubbed off on him. Deal with it.

My other favorite stat from this game: 4 turnovers.

Most importantly – don’t forget to vote in our Dancer Madness.

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11 Responses

  1. “He didn’t used to be that way until he got with KG,” one Spurs player told me

    not true, hes always been that guy, he even got into with KG when he was still a wolf..
    the thing is, most people didnt realize who perk was back then, and he didnt get as many minutes, and wasnt as good a player yet..pretty simple

  2. Perk has been playing great for the past two weeks and nobody has really noticed. Last night was the first night he put great offense and defense together, but his offensive game has been incredible as of late.

    It’s getting to the point where I think we need to get Perk 4-6 more shots per game. This coming from someone who cringed every time the guy touched the ball 2 years ago.

  3. I’m with you Tim. Perk has always been a Beast defensively and on the boards…now it’s on offense too.

    Man it is good to have KG back. I no longer fear LA and Cleveland like I did a week ago. The intensity and Ubuntu are back.

    Ignoring the Parker choke last night (ball don’t lie!), he got the best of Rondo. Parker got a lot of chances at the bucket last night. Rondo did too (was there saran wrap over the cylinder in the first half?), but Parker won that battle.

  4. How about a round for Mikki Moore, I was impressed with his effort against the spurs, knocked in a couple jumpers, worked the glass, and even managed to stay out of foul trouble! Cheers Mikki!

  5. Yeah, but Bill, Parker has turned into the number one option with the Spurs with Manu out and Duncan not playing as well; Rondo is still no more than the third option on this team with KG’s injury. And lets not forget, Rondo’s playing on a now 3-times sprained ankle I believe. I’ll take that type of effort every night with Rondo; he can’t hold every elite point guard down, no matter how good a defensive player he is.

  6. Yo… Tim… I noticed:
    Kendrick Perkins has broken a very bad habit

  7. I guess they never forgave JR for missing training camp. Back to DL again. Feel sorry for the kid… think he has good potential.

  8. damn that picture of kg looks like joe smith.

  9. Damn I forgot how good the C’s starting unit is!

  10. Good stuff John. I’m glad people are starting to recognize his improved game.

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