The KG Playoff Promo

Can you believe the playoffs begin in less than a month?


6 Responses

  1. I left a Twitter response to this, but what was the NBA thinking with these commercials? The music is very average, and the highlights are very average. I know you posted it because it is a KG commercial, but the NBA really dropped the ball on this ad campaign.

    It looks like some youtubers creation. It does not look like an NBA commercial.

  2. i disagree any time the nba has a commercial that doesnt make you think, well that was the most retarded thing i have ever seen, then it is an overwhelming success

  3. I wish the NBA would hire Nike or JordanBrand to make their commercials-they are always brilliant. But anyHOO..I am PSYCHED for the playoffs-can’t wait. I was fortunate enough to be at Game 7 of the Cavs-Celts clash and Games 2 and 6 of the Finals last year. I don’t think financially I’ll be able to do that this year, but I’ll be at as many as games as I can, even if I have to eat Ramen noodles for the whole month of June baby!!

  4. Yee I was at that game I remember when he dunked that ball the place was absolutely insane. SO SICK cannot wait for the playoffs!!

  5. Chills. Bring on Philly or Chicago.

  6. Anyone see the Pierce playoff commercial in black and white where he gets a baseline feed from KG and dunks it on Cleveland, hangs on the rim and then slaps the backboard?

    This is the still pic from the play:

    Sweet commercial nonetheless…i got a lil chubby from it.

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