Dancer Madness Round 4

Time for our next round of Dancer Madness.  We’re almost through the first rotation… and yesterday gave us a couple of blowout winners:

Melanie – 76’ers


Kayla – Phoenix


Here are today’s contestants:

In the East:

Alica – Washington Wizards



Andrea – Atlanta Hawks


In the West:

Mandy – San Antonio Spurs



Annika – Lakers



9 Responses

  1. I predict Nikki from the Heat will run away with it.

  2. I hold out hope for our Alison.

  3. Melanie will win it all she is dam near perfect

  4. Much tougher decisions today.

    I’m with Santos on Nikki so far

  5. this chick annika is hot…you might be saying the same thing about her if she were in a bikini…unfortunately this was the best photo i could find…after four hours on the internet.

  6. Chuck… I think the fact that she’s a Lakers girl is throwing people off.

  7. Objectifying women is a serious task. We need to put aside our Laker hate and do this the right way – fair.

  8. wow, what the hell is going on in here?? is this still a celtics blog or did i mistype the web address? i leave you guys for a while and i come back to this? i know the celtics have had their struggles, but you are already giving up on them? and now you even promote lakers girls too? this should be renamed the philsarmy and just admit that you are all now lakers fans. oh well, i wanted to talk some basketball today, but i guess i better go elsewhere for that.

  9. andrea from atlanta has a hot southern accent.. I’m sure of it.

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