KG Still on a Leash

Earlier today we posted news that Doc was considering extending KG’s minutes for tonight’s game with the Clippers. Forget that. According to the Celtics Twitter page:

KG will be restricted to 7 minutes in each half in tonight’s game according to Doc in his pregame media session.

No arguments here. I’m hoping it’s a blowout so the Truth gets some rest too.


6 Responses

  1. I dont really care if he played a minute, I’m just glad to see him back on the sideline.

  2. Rondo has the shake-n-bake going tonight…I hope he doesn’t get too careless.

  3. […] more active player is in the top 25: Kevin Garnett. (Soon back in action.) The first active guy who will probably play several more years sits at #22 with 11.672 rebounds. […]

  4. Big Baby is becoming a cult-hero before our eyes.
    Love him!!!!

  5. Mikki Moore is so lost out there.

  6. Dont know if youve heard…but leon is further from coming back then TA…kinda crazy how he came back in that game and now hes out until the playoffs or longer

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