Power Rankings

Anyone who has followed my illustrious power rankings will notice a monumental shift in the top 5 – the Celtics have surged ahead of the Lakers.

Call me a green-teamer, I don’t care. I’m a bit frustrated with the lack of respect given to the Celtics by most of the national media. And if I hear anymore Kobe or LeBron for MVP talk, I will puke.

Either way – KG’s return has me pumped.

1.  Cavaliers – Only lost once this entire month…to the Celtics…who didn’t have KG at the time. Hmmm…

1a.  Celtics – KG is back. All is well. Get Pierce some rest.

3.  Lakers – They’re giving up just 0.8 ppg fewer than last season, teams are shooting a half-percent better and we are supposed to believe they are tougher and better defensively?

4.  Spurs – Playing mediocre ball over last week. How will Ginobli look if/when he returns? Starting to wonder if they can “flip the switch” come playoff time like everyone thinks.

5. Hornets, Rockets, Jazz, Magic – None of these teams have a chance to win it all. I”ll just lump them all together at No. 5.


14 Responses

  1. Lol at #5.

    OF THE 2nd best RECORD

  3. It scares me that lebron can be this good.. and probably isnt even at his prime yet

  4. The Lakers “improved” toughness and defense is the biggest LOL of the entire season…

  5. Great list. Two small caveats:
    – Cavs have been playing great ball, obviously, but they have a huge flaw in that they’re a 1-horse team. If that horse goes down, or even has a bad game or two, there’s not much left. I would put the Cs (with KG and Powe back in full rotation) as #1, Cavs as #2.
    – I also think every team has a chance of winning. Anything can happen.. heck, even Miami could win it all. Not likely, but you know what I mean.

  6. the cavs …i know theyre good, but they flat out are not as good as their record, the ball has bounced their way in literally every game this season, the refs have blown the whistle in their favor all but 13 games, Lebron James is great but he has flaws all over his game…I constantly hear how “deep” they are…yeah deep with scrubs

  7. Baron speaks the truth. They have also had a pretty easy schedule, while the Celtics have had a brutal one with long roadies, loads of back to backs right after each other (last week/weekend for example), not to mention the reffing…

    The Crabaliers are good, no doubt, but I still think we’re better…

  8. Yes ive watched a lot of cleaveland games and all the close ones the refs helped them out.
    Lebron is good but he’ll never get my respect or many others till he learns to stop whining i guess the only way he gets fired up is when you piss him off or foul him hard.

  9. Crabaliers! Thats pure gold!

  10. LAKERS FAN…I cant really disagree with you, and since power rankings mean nothing to me, and at this point neither does 1st place in the regular season, but youre right the Lakers should be ahead of us in the power rankings and possibly still #1 …hey it is what it is…they swept the regular season series with both cleveland and us.

    I still think the celtics are the better team, I think both matchups this season were a bit of a fluke, and I also think the lakers being really “much better” then they were in the finals is really overstated, overrated and welll….wrong

    the lakers looked great in last years playoffs, they basically swept through the “best conference ever” and were heavy favorites in the finals (kinda like how theyve been everyone heavy favorites all this season)

  11. NBA/coms power rankings has us at 5 with the houston rockets ahead of us at 4 (huh?)

    Anyways, it goes on how lakers cavs finals is very likely (gag me)

    Since we won last year, people are so small minded that this year, you need homecourt to win…its laughable

  12. the return or KG automatically puts the Celtics at #2 ahead of the lakers??? how can u put the celtics ahead of the lakers with KG’s return when the lakers swept the celtics with KG in the lineup both games and the lakers win @ boston without bynum?? oh and the lakers are 4 games ahead of the celtics in the loss column. i could care less just thought i would point that out.

  13. yea, lebron is a wannabe MJ. how dare he want to surpass His Airness!!! shame on him, he will never do it. His Airness would simply drain the game winner–lebron simply whines his way to a win. lebron, stop whining and win a game or two by making clutch shots! for him, it’s simply easier to allow the refs to win the game for him. that’s why he will never be MJ. sorry to break it to you lebron, but there is only one MJ. you won’t be the second coming lebron.

  14. cavs are good…against not so good teams. but against la and boston. they’re nothing.

    celts are good..but against la, they’re nothing.

    which brings who to the top?

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