Starting To Pay Off

AP Photo

AP Photo

Glen Davis has taken a lot of crap for all the jumpers he’s been taking.  At least he used to take a lot of crap.  The criticism has quieted down lately… because he’s been making them.  Here’s his “hot spot” chart from the last 5 games.


Over the last 5, Baby is 10 of 20 outside of the lane.  I wouldn’t read too much into where he’s hitting those shots… the sample size is too small to figure out a trend.  But instead, focus on the fact that he’s hitting.  And no only that, he’s 9 of 14 from that 20-foot area.  I’m going to guess the reason he’s taken so many shots out there is because of pick-and-pops… where he’s picking for Rondo or another guard at the top or near the wing, then popping and taking a 20 footer.  Rajon will explain why he’s so open on those play.

“Because he sets such a good pick, his man has to go out, and that leaves (Davis) open. I know he works on his shot a lot, and it’s paying off.   It’s all about repetition. He believes in himself.”

And that HUGE shot against San Antonio could be something that keeps this hot shooting going.  Ray Allen explains.

“That’s something you take with you for the rest of your career,” said Allen, a pure shooter who understands better than most the place memorable shots hold in a player’s memory.

“Anyone who uses visualization is going to think of a shot like that forever,” Allen said. “You think to yourself, ‘I want to always be able to do that so that I can be counted on every night to make that shot.’ ”

I’ve been beating the drum all year for Baby to keep shooting.  Now that the shot is falling, it’s going to force teams to step out and play him.  And even if that gives Rondo, Pierce or Ray an extra half second before help arrives, it’s going to be just enough time for those guys to get to the hoop or find an open spot for a jumper of  their own.

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8 Responses

  1. “I’ve been beating the drum all year for Baby to keep

    You have? Or are you just saying that now after the Spurs game?

  2. Also seems like his overall fitness has improved a ton which has to help his shot. He seems to get more lift around the hoop too–witness that dunk the other night. I didn’t know he could touch the rim.

  3. Chuck, you’re invited to go back and check. My stance has always been to let him shoot.

  4. I’m glad Baby is stepping up. I thought this year would be Powe’s coming out party but with that bad stretch mid-season and now the injury, it looks like BB will be one of our best bench players.

    Now…time to avenge last months loss to the Clips tonight with a good old fashioned BEAT DOWN!!!

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  7. BBD’s hard work is definitely paying dividends and it shows.

  8. Yeah..I too was praising Baby for shooting, took alot of $#i+ for it too…Let’s hope he can be consistent-especially with Powe now out and coming back God-knows-when…

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