Ugly Win

Whats that smell? Oh...the Clippers.

What's that smell? Oh...the Clippers.

Despite a sub-par (I’m being kind) performance by the second unit, the Celtics dismantled the Clippers tonight – 90 77. KG played limited minutes (18) again, scoring 12 points on 5-5 FG.

After a 31-18 first quarter, the Celts looked like they were going to cruise to a 40 pt victory. But then the second unit decided to suck…really bad. They overpassed on nearly every possession. The Clippers made it a two point game (44-42) at the half.

The Clippers went cold in the 3rd and the Celtics (14-0 run) stretched the lead to double digits after back to back three point bombs by Ray and Pierce. The second unit actually held their own in the 4th quarter thanks to Eddie House (8 pts in 4th).

Another solid game by Perk – 12 pts, 13 reb.

Ray Allen had the stroke: 20 pts (8-10 FG, 3-3 3FG).

Big Baby made up for his 1-11 shooting with 4 steals. He was diving on the floor for just about every loose ball.

Paul Pierce had 9 pts on 3-7 shooting but most importantly – he played just 31 minutes.

Mikki Moore had another awful game – 19 mins, 0 pts, 1 reb, 5 fouls.

Box Score

Scott Souza has an injury update and Tony Allen might be back sooner than Leon Powe. Not good…


19 Responses

  1. When was the last time P2 went 3 games in a row without scoring in double-figures…? Has to be a longggg time ago. Does anyone think we should be worried that maybe he’s just exhausted/burned out? I know he’s a great scorer-his scoring will come back. But maybe Doc just really played him too much this year and he’s really feeling it….?? Good to see Steph hit that big shot before the shot-clock expired. He needs to gain confidence anyway he can.

  2. It was very good to see steph hit that shot. I thought it was huge how he passed off to eddy on that fastbreak too. House got his layup sent back, but it showed how Marbury is willing to buy into the team concept. Come playoff time, he will take (and make) that shot…But its so important that he become part of the team first. Thats what hes doing right now, and its gonna pay off in spades when it counts.

    I agree that the captain needs some rest. Hope Doc sees that too, and gives it too him before we hit our stride.

    Nevertheless, the Clips are a subpar opponent, but the C’s are gonna be primed for a DEEP playoff run. I had a vision today of banner 18 being raised in Boston. Can’t wait!

  3. Pierce is fine he’s not burned out, its just been a bad skid. Also Marbury needs to take it to the hoop more often.

  4. Love the scowl on KG!

  5. Reporter tonight asked Doc about PP looking tired, Doc said yeah, he sees that, and he’s trying to limit his minutes. I’d like to see him take a game or two off, sleep in a lot, get his energy back. That and maybe another round in the hyperbaric chamber :)

    Lately, you could make the argument that PP has done more harm than good… his record for the past 3 games is 8-29 FG% (28% shooting) with 8 TOs. Would they really be worse off if he took a game or two off?

    Ray Allen is just amazing, isn’t he? He calmly shoots 80% overall, 100% 3-pointers. Plus 3 assists to boot. What an amazing athlete.

  6. OK, so Pierce is in a funk…I think we can all agree on that. But the team would be much worse without him. I’m still not opposed to him taking a game or two off, or 25-30 mins/game til playoff time… but we are bound to absorb a loss or two more than otherwise.

    Accepting the fact that we are a second seed at best, thats no big deal.

    In the long run, I think the C’s are better off resting pierce (and Ray to a lesser extent) before the playoffs. But on a game to game basis…Pierce is SO important to this team, even on an off night. Someone (Redsarmy?) said that “Pierce is to the offense what KG is to the defense”, and I couldnt agree more.

    Lets get the captain some rest, and the second unit some minutes, and we’ll be ripe for the stretch run!

  7. I actually don’t give a damn whether or not we have home court vs. Orlando. Man, if we can’t beat Orlando, a slightly-better-than-mediocre team, at their home… then we ain’t gonna with it all anyway. Not only can we beat them with or without HC, I think we’ll blow ’em away no matter where we play.

    The rest of this regular season is basically glorified practice time… getting our new and returning guys in the groove. Winning is more fun, but it really doesn’t matter much anymore.

  8. Man… how quickly we forget…

    When we had 7 guys down, Pierce was going off for 30+. Now that everyone’s back, Pierce isn’t scoring as much.

    Don’t you see that this is a guy who is willing to sacrifice his own game to make the team better. He’s letting KG take shots. He’s working the offense. He’s driving and passing rather than driving and shooting.

    Pierce can score 30 tomorrow if he wants… or if he has to. But we just talked about how much Pierce is sacrificing. He had a bad shooting night in San Antonio… but he’s only taken 13 shots over the past two games. If he hit just 2 more shots, he’d be shooting over 50% for those 2 games.

    To me, what Pierce has done over the past two games make me appreciate him even more.

  9. PP was awful last night,,,just plain awful, he played stupid, slow, sloppy, and uninspried….but the idea its because hes “burned out” or “has played too many minutes” gets on my nerves, first of all PP use to play that many minutes every night …he can handle it!!!! PP can just go into a slump like this without being tired…he cant hit his free throws and is turning the ball over rapidly…I just remember he was doing this earlier in the year along with shooting 39% from the field…was he too tired then? no

  10. What is everyone’s hindsight take on taking Mikki Moore over Joe Smith?

    I do not watch the Cav’s but his boxscore numbers seem decent

  11. No hindsight.

    I said it here before they made teh move, when they made it, and will say it now.

    Mikki Moore is awful. He’s soft. He can’t rebound for a 7 footer. He commits way too many fouls. He doesn’t block shots. His jumper is about as reliable as Vin Baker’s ability to stay off the sauce.

    I’d argue that he’s worse than POB, because he’s a vet, and should know better. He looked ok when he first came on, but the last 5 or so games he looks absolutely terrible. I have a feeling he’s intimidated by KG’s presence, and is folding under the pressure.

    But if we get Leon Back in decent shape before the payoffs, I’m not really worried.

  12. […] Allen, Garnett live Celtics past Clippers Red’s Army What’s wrong with Paul Pierce? Ugly win Perkisabeast Kickin’ it Ricky style Examiner I appreciate Paul Pierce now more than ever […]

  13. Fact is, there is no hindsight because Joe Smith was going to the Cavs no matter what. He is familiar with that team, has a home there and didn’t seem that interested in being on the Celtics. If he did he would not have waited so long for a buyout.

  14. Nora – that doesn’t change the fact that Mikki Moore sucks.

  15. I have to admit, I gave DA the benefit of the doubt on this one. Now in my hindsight, I am not so sure.

    Maybe they could have brought in the Euro they drafted instead lol. What was his name again?

  16. Sadly, Danno’s right about Mikki. But… he does play with a lot of energy, and they are TRYING to get him to play within the defense, and he did have one good game (Spurs: no TOs, just 1 foul, 8 rebounds, 2-2 shooting), and against the Grizz he had only 3 fouls, zero TOs. So there’s some hope.

    Also, in Mikki’s defense last night: One of his fouls was a good one, when he stopped a layup. Also, he took that charge, which was cool.

    But, alas, he does have hands of stone.

  17. Semi Hardon. LOL.

  18. Paul Pierce will be fine. Yes he looks fatigued, but will rise to the occasion in the playoffs. Redsarmy has the situation pegged, its a bullsh*t game against the Clippers, feed the hotter hand (Ray), no need to create.

    I agree that Miki sucks at his point, but when Powe and Scally get back we’ll be fine.

  19. Scal’s not coming back this season, no way in hell. They aren’t even letting his RUN yet…. should be ok for next season tho.

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