Dancer Madness Round 6

Two opening series matchups left in our Dancer Madness competition.  Here are yesterday’s winners:

Natasha – Charlotte, and Kassi – Blazers


Here are today’s contestants:

Aminda – Pacers



Bonnie – New Jersey


In the West:

Elliott – Memphis

Elliott Grizzlies Dancer


Jocelyn – Utah

Jocelyn Jazz Dancer


14 Responses

  1. Much weaker crop today.

  2. Kassi is a goddess…
    Kassi FTW!!!

  3. Tim – There’s a couple more hotties in the West squaring off tomorrow. You will be happy.

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  5. Aminda vs. Bonnie is an unfair first round matchup in my opinion

  6. I agree Ryan but Aminda got my vote because she looks like a freak… I’m just saying!

  7. I didn’t think it was that unfair… I think Aminda brings a certain sexiness to the table. She’s not all bleached blonde and implants. Plus… abs. That’s gotta count for something.

  8. By the way, it’s a tight race… almost even right now

  9. Chuck, I think the main reason I was disappointed with today’s contestants was because the Natasha and Kassie are too amazing that I can’t bring myself to scrolling down.

  10. go brunettes (?)


  12. Kassi is being wayyyyy overrated in my opinion. You can’t put her and Charlotte in the same category what so ever.

  13. Clarification:
    Ryan, I already stated that I think that Natasha from Charlotte might have the best body of all-time… she’s clearly more attractive than Kassi, but Kassi is still a leg up on the other contestants in this post.

  14. Not sure that pic does Kassi’s body justice…she’s got more than a gorgeous face and giant cans. As if that’s not enough….

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