Deja Vu

Just like their last loss to the Magic, the Celtics played like crap for 3 quarters, rallied in the 4th only to fall short in the final seconds.

Dwight Howard (24 pts, 21 reb) was an unstoppable force in the paint – until the 4th quarter where he went 0-4.

Paul Pierce (26 pts, 19 in 2nd half) missed two chances to put the Cs ahead with less than a minute left. He missed an 18-footer with 47 seconds and had a drive to the hoop “blocked” by Howard with 3 seconds left. Yes – Howard made contact but it was a good non-call (I think – I’m having second thoughts after seeing those replays).

KG played 16 minutes scoring 4 pts with 8 rebounds. It must have killed him to stay on the bench in the final minute of this one.

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Home court or not, the Celtics beat the Magic in 6 games in a playoff series.

Drown your sorrows in these Magic dancers pictures…


43 Responses

  1. the extra foul the magic had to give at the end of the game killed the celtics

    what the hell does mikki moore do besides foul?

    i have no idea what to think of this team right now…injuries are not really much of an excuse anymore….they’re a far cry from the team that had double digit win streaks 3 times earlier in the year

  2. i meant to add even tho i dont think injuries are an excuse…full kg and leon and the celts probably win that game

  3. hate to post 3 times in a row but i just saw the close replay of the howard non call

    disagree it was a good call..he slams into pierce’s shoulder and turned him around pretty good

  4. I don’t understand Doc. KG told he’s ready and wants to play more. This was so important game, so why he didn’t use KG longer and in final minutes especially. I don’t think Magic are threat to full strenght celtics but having home court against them wouldn’t hurt. Ehh

  5. Ron Garretson has always sucked when he calls our games david stern controls all the officials pierce only went to the line 6 times gimme a break.I dont know how we won last year somehow we beat the bad calls maybe stern had a soft spot when red died decided to let us have one.But i really think it was a fluke stern told the refs let la win but it didnt work like this year just look at the ads on nba leauge pass a picture off kobe lebron and howard hmm no boston player and those 3 teams that the nba put pictures up of at the beggining of the season now have the best 3 records no conspiricy here nba has sucked since david stern took over stern can kiss my ass.

  6. I hate the fact that KG’s time is limited. If he is healthy and he says so, let him play!

    I would love to see his minutes raised so he plays at least 8 more minutes (4 minutes in 2nd quarter and 4 minutes in 4th quarter). We could have won the game if we did this…


  7. Because doc dosent now how to coach a close game.
    He’s the tony larussa of basketball great with players but when the games on the line forget it.

  8. If the Celtics played in the first 3 quarters like they did in the 4th, they would have won. Simple as that. You can’t play 12 minutes and win.

    That said, I’m tired of the inconsistencies of NBA officiating. If everything played out exactly the same in this game, and LeBron James drove to the hoop instead of Paul Pierce… would he have been at the line.

    I think everyone believe he would.

    Kendrick Perkins has been called for every illegal screen he has set. Fine. It’s an illegal screen. Call the foul.


    Dwight Howard sets the exact same illegal screen late in a close game… then for some reason you can’t call that. Even though there’s no rule that is qualified by the phrase “unless it’s late in a close game… then forget it.”

    I’m not blaming this loss on the refs. I’m blaming it on the Celtics. But the officiating is just frustrating as all hell. I’m sick of NBA games where fans of every losing team have a seemingly legitimate beef.

  9. I think pierce was fouled before the no call on howard.

  10. If your only gonna play kg 16 minutes or so why not just play him in 3rd and all of 4th quarter ever think of that doc?
    Not looking foward to game in atlanta smell another loss.

  11. Wonder why Doc isn’t so cautious about PP minutes… Don’t want to rip Doc but he made me pissed off

  12. Big win for Orlando, thats for sure…Piss poor effort from the celtics through 3 1/2 quarters…excuses are there, but start by playing 48 minutes

    Marbury and moore have actually made us worse

    I know its blasphemy, but the thought is there in my mind that this team isnt good enough to repeat, whether its due to injury or not, theyre never gonna be fully healthy and in rhythm

  13. The refs are not to blame-the Magic kept trying to give us this game, but we said: “nahh, you take it..”. We had multiple chances on Magic missed shots and we either turned it right back over (18 to’s) or missed shots. Baby was trying to do too much as well. Can’t blame the refs for this one-just doesn’t cut it. (not for me anyway..)

  14. Even the announcers could see what a dumb idea it is playing kg in the 1st and 3rd quarter whats up doc?

  15. We did not come to play. pretty simple. why blame the refs. thats a given. they are inconsistent, every team knows that. but if a team comes and plays well, refs cant do anything about it. lets not come here and blame this and blame that. cause thats what losers do. we are not losers.

  16. “Wonder why Doc isn’t so cautious about PP minutes… Don’t want to rip Doc but he made me pissed off” – Zauer

    PP isn’t coming off an injury. What’s there to wonder?

  17. Have to disagree with you kobe maybe you were watching another game but pierce was getting beat up all night.

  18. I don’t think bringing KG off the bench is the answer. I guess Doc could have shaved a couple minutes off KG’s time in the first and third quarters so he could play him in the 4th. But maybe putting him into a close game after sitting for 15 minutes isn’t the best option, either.

    Doc isn’t trying to win games. He’s trying to get guys healthy and into a rhythm.

  19. I agree kobewapt, the celtics controlled their own destiny from the start of the game, decided to play with no uregency, fell behind by 16, made way too many stupid mistakes and then the magic did everything they could to give us the game and we came up short (reoccuring theme in the season)
    refs were actually good, as in they let the players play all night and didnt change it in the last 2 minutes..Ill live with that

    A stupid mikki moore foul on a 3 was a difference in the game (hes terrible)

    Also, I said it before this game and Ill say it again, we’re gonna have to win on the road to repeat this season, we might as well start in orlando (assuming we meet) because if we cant win a road series against them, we arent gonna win a series against cleveland or LA

  20. No shame in losing to Orlando. Howard looks like he’s on more ‘roids than A-Rod and Bonds combined. All year long everyone’s been wondering whether the Lakers will face Boston or Cleveland in the finals. I hope LA’s lucky enough to play one of those teams because w/o Bynum, we got no answer for Howard.

  21. Ok maybe im a little conspiricy minded.
    After a little research i find the celtics have shot 1,861 free throws compared to 1,653 by the lakers and 1,599 by cleaveland.
    But lebron has been to theline 667 times compared to pierce 494 kobe 488.
    Not as bad as i thought but some of the calls that dont get free throws really affect game.

  22. gonna die with it baron they let em play but some of the calls still sucked dont make me watch game again to point out everyone.

  23. Why does everyone hate on Mikki here? do yall not remember PJ who sucked basically untill the playoffs last year? Mikki is a bit foul prone yes (if one foul per every 16 seconds he’s on the court is considered “foul prone”) but then again so was PJ , the problem i have with mikki is for him to commit smarter fouls and he will be a hero in all the fans minds

    Rondo played AWFUL this is the second time in less than a week that the opposing point has gotten free range on basically anything they want, the first one was a little easier to see how it happened seeing how it was tony parker that tore him up, but Rafer FUCKING alston?????? what the HELL rondo? how bout a little D

  24. oh and the above poll should be:

    or no fucking doubt in your mind

    if we were all being honest even stern would have to vote in favor of the last one

  25. its a conspiracy…david stern and kobes wife’s love child wont let the Celtics win!

  26. – Howard jumped from well inside the restricted area, and met PP in the air. Howard did jump straight up, but that is irrelevant, since the play began with PP driving from the wing and Howard was in the restricted zone. That clear foul caused PP to miss the shot. Refs screwed it up. They also screwed up many other plays, for both sides. They sucked all around… as usual… and it’s a terrible situation in the NBA, which could be easily fixed with video booth referees as back up…. but NOOOO… better to keep screwing up the game, eh Dave?

    – 2nd quarter = about as bad a quarter as the Cs have had all year. Even Paul sucked in the first half.

    – Great to see that Paul still has his game though… we were starting to worry. No need, he’s cool. But still turning the ball over too much… probably something that’s not gonna get fixed.

    – I’ve had great expectations for Marbury, with time. I think I was wrong. Not much time left, and he’s regressing. He totally SUCKED today. It’s just possible that Marbury looked great when he was the center of a team, running everything. Maybe he just can’t play in the Celtics’ environment of total cooperation and with limited minutes. I.e., he may just not be very good now. His attitude seems fine. Talent… seems to have gone AWOL.

    – Mikki = fouling machine. One of his fouls, tho, was a charge badly called by the ref (big surprise). They do seem have it in for him… he never gets a break. But the man is clumsy, let’s face it.

    – 18 TOs, 43% shooting, porous defense and no discernible offensive plan for 3 quarters… just not gonna get it done.

    – We will eat the Magic alive in the playoffs… IF we are healthy, and IF we actually play all 4 quarters, not just the 4th.

  27. I was at the game tonight and I have to say celtics played bad. Our bench played bad. What’s up with our rebounding? and dont get me started on turnovers. After witnessing the game and listening to those annoying magic fans I must say that I hate magic and their fans almost as much as the Lakers. I have to get props to Howard. Dude destroyed us. Hopefully we will roll and stay in second place

  28. Jeff Van Gundy said ” If I were KG I’d put myself in” during the 4th quarter. Doc Rivers plan was not to win tonight!

  29. If we play like this when playoffs comes with no homecourt, dude we’re toast…

    that’s game 7 right there…

    but the goodside of it kg isnt in full gear yet… so hopefully we’ll rebound from this and beat the cavs for moral booster!!!

  30. I have a questions for the Redsarmy and all our die hard posters.

    Do you think we can make an OFF and ON switch right before the playoffs and expect to repeat?

    Please elaborate to my questions because I don’t think you are going to like my answer.

  31. *question

  32. Kobe Bryant didn’t get that call against Howard in Staples Center, even in similar (not identical) circumstances. January 16th, game tied at 92, 3:44 to play, Bryant drives to the basket and gets stuffed. You can see the play in this picture:

    No call. Magic rebound, go the other way, and Turkoglu hits a three-pointer. They wind up winning the game.

    Pierce isn’t Dwight’s only crunch-time victim this year. Does it make you feel better that Kobe got jobbed too?

  33. My God, Mikki Moore was really AWFUL last night, he really had no clue of what he was doing, bad shots, missed dunks, useless fouls… I hope that Leon and Scal will play when they will be healthy, because Moore is the worst player seen here since 2006. And I just don’t know why Doc didn’t play KG for the final 2 minutes… c’mon it’s just 2 f’kin minutes, what kind of difference can the make? Forget the plan for a moment and let him play and try to win the damn game!

    That said, I don’t think we’re going to repeat this year. It’s damn near playoffs and we continue to choke for entire quarters or waste healthy leads like with the Clippers. I don’t know what’s going on, if it’s just KG’s absence, or it’s a physical problem, or a mental problem, or whatever… but if we’re going to meet Lebron in a good night, he will rip us in the chokes, and there will be no chance we rally back like last night. I’m really concerned, and I think that this will ultimately cost us a berth in the Finals.

  34. I don’t know if Kobe took a body like Pierce did last night in that picture. That picture looks like he’s fading away.

    As for the off and on switch… If the Celtics try to do in the playoffs what they did last night, then no, they won’t repeat.

  35. Big Mick
    If Doc cares about health in play off first, why he plays PP for about 40 minuts a game. If he can be cautious with KG, then why he can’t limit Pierce to 30-32 minutes. Isn’t it what we’ve been beggin for here?

  36. To Zauer–I’m guessing it’s because KG is returning from an injury and Pierce isn’t? I don’t get it either.

    Once again the NBA reminds me of the WWE. The no call on that obvious hack of Pierce at the end of the game cemented my opinion of the NBA as a “sports entertainment” league rather than a sports league. It’s all about the storyline and the superstars. Last night’s storyline: “Superman finally overcomes his demons.” Too bad he can’t hit a shot farther than four feet from the basket and has cantaloupes implanted in his shoulders. Superman? How about superfreak!
    I knew the C’s were going to lose when I saw the blatant makeup call on Perk in the first quarter.
    Obviously, if KG plays that game, they win. Look on the bright side, they came back down 12 points without Garnett. Don’t worry C’s fans…

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  38. After every loss, people start thinking they can’t make it. Here’s the thing: at this point, THEY DON’T CARE very much if they win or lose individual games. The ONLY reason to scratch out every win is home court advantage in the playoffs. But they know they will have it in the first round, and anyway… what are we really talking about? ONE GAME played at home instead of on the road. Jeez, ONE GAME! You know, if they MUST have HC in order to win in 7 games, well, then they’re not gonna win it all anyway, probably because they’re too injured. It’s just no big deal at all. And I totally agree with that thinking. WHO CARES, really? Health is 100 times more important.

    That’s why Doc sticks to KG’s schedule no matter what. There’s just no reason to do otherwise. This is a time for experimentation and integration. That’s why he’s giving Marbury and Mikki so much time… we need to see if these guys are gonna gel or not. If not, they won’t see much PT in the playoff and we’ll be going mostly with Baby and Powe in the frontcourt, Gabe and Eddie in the backcourt, as backups.

    And Mikki was NOT that awful last night. One of his 4 fouls was actually a charge that the refs screwed up (one of many bad calls, both ways). Another stopped a sure basket. And he shot 1-2. He is clumsy, but has high energy. Still a good chance he will make the rotation. Marbury I am not so sure of anymore. He might not… just not getting it together, and his play last night was a total negative for the team.

  39. DRJ- I usually agree with your posts but you’ve got to be huffing spray paint to think Mikki did anything other than suck a huge bag of dicks last night. Granted I only saw his performance in the fourth quarter, but in a very short appearance off of the benck he was constantly out of position and a step behind on defense, set picks like a 6th grade girl on offense and committed three stupid fouls (okay one was bullsh*t) faster than I could down my first beer.
    I don’t care if Scally has multiple head injuries and blurred vision, he’s still more lucid than this hack.

  40. Lakerhater– can’t argue much there. I’m just sayin… he wasn’t “that awful”, not that he was actually good or anything. I did like the charge he took (miscalled by the ref) and his shooting is ok, but yes, he is very clumsy…. and stone hands.

    Scal is so much better than Mikki it’s not even close… but unfortunately, if he gets hit in the head again this season he might just drop dead. Hopefully Powe gets back soon… then we have the core team back. Anyway, these experiments with Marbury & Mikki will soon end.

  41. Name one other Team who lost an All star Player for the year and have won 53 games?

    Yeah Magic are Dominant. They exposed old Celtics and 1 of your wins against us this year was your starting back court of Rondo Allen vs Anthony Johnson JJ Reddick. LOL@celtics.

    Old and garbage

    LOL@moore and Marbury.

    can not wait to decimate you old geezers this sring

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  43. YO Magic Run this Sheet.

    Adios one year one wonder Boston

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