Does Anyone Here Speak Starbury?

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

I’ve spent the past 8 hours with a Marine corps of translators, and none of us are quite sure where Stephon Marbury was going with this:

“I know I’m capable of having games where I can score 30 or 40 points,” he said. “It’s just tough to get a lot of time on a team like this. But it will be a different rotation in the playoffs, and I’m just continuing to build on what I’m learning.”

Different rotation in the playoffs?  I suppose, since Bill Walker probably won’t get a sniff of court time unless Doc has no other choice.  But just how many minutes is Steph planning on playing?

It’s a meaningless quote… and I’m not posting this in an “oh my God, this is where he goes bad” way.   I’m posting it because I’ve had about a dozen people ask me today “what the hell do you think he meant by that?”… so I figured it deserved its own space.


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  1. I do expect Marbury to get better and play more in the playoffs. No where near the 30 point territory that hes saying but i figured he was going to be the 6th man when he came to Boston and that hasnt happened yet.

  2. Maybe I’m just guessing here, but I think Stephon Marbury is trying to tell us that he is fully aware that he isn’t scoring as much as we want him too, and he’s letting us know that he still has the ability to score at will and possibly implying he’s going to try to do just that. If this is as real as he says it is, than I can only imagine what the future is in store for the Celtics bench. However, Marbury scoring 30 or 40 is easier said than done.

    Personally, I like what Marbury has brought to the Celtics, but he has try to be more aggressive when it comes to scoring. He’s been a better-than-expected passer and he’s proven to me atleast that he’s more suited for the Celtics than Sam Cassell.

    I’m utterly shocked at the negativity put on Mikki moore’s play as of late. Players have bad games, and for the most part, I’ve been impressed with what Moore has done for us since joining the team. He and Marbury have been forced to adjust to system quicker than expected and while I like I bet all Celtics fans would prefer PJ Brown, I’m really comfortbale with having Mikki. He adds length, good offense, hustle, and while his weakness, which stands out like a sore thumb, is fouling, I am sure he can fix that with a little look at the tape. But again, that’s easier said than done.

    And hey, for all we know, these two could actually stay with the Celtics long term. Atleast Mikki could. These guys are younger and more athletic than PJ and Sam.

  3. I remember seeing that quote and wondering what the hell it meant too. I think it’s one of two things:
    (1) “I know I can explode for 30-40 given the chance, but it’s tough to get PT on this team, so it’s hard for me to get into gear, though I’m doing my best with the time I get. I know that in the playoffs I’ll get even less time, so my explosion might have to wait till next year. Meanwhile I keep learning.” Or…
    (2) He thinks he’ll show Doc some great stuff before the playoffs, and thus get more PT in the playoffs.

    #2 would be the Marbury the media wanted us to believe we would get. From all indications, that is NOT this guy. He has been exemplary in his attitude and his work, so far as we know. And there hasn’t been the slightest whisper of discontent or dislike about his from the other players.

    So I vote for #1.

  4. Besides… he’d have to be out of his mind, literally, to think that he’s going to take PT away from Rondo (or Ray) enough to score 30-40. No, that’s impossible. It must be #1.

  5. I hope he doesn’t think he’s going to take any PT away from Ray or Rondo. I expect those two to be 35-40 mpg in the playoffs.

  6. I didn’t watch the memphis game due to blackout restrictions (thanks to a channel I don’t even get- @$!# nbatv) but I think he meant different rotation in that maybe Doc intends to play Marbury with KG more.

  7. He did what any guy does when backed up against the wall with a tough question-he lied. We all do it. You know like when your boss says “WTF-why were you late THIS time..?” No big deal.

  8. Eh Steph, when Tony Allen coming back will cancel out any additional minutes that you might be earning…. whether or not that should be the case, it will happen.

  9. I’ve been really disappointed with Steph and Moore. With Steph, to me it seems he’s not playing with the same level of passion as the others. I thought, with Kevin coming back, Steph’s game would reform itself (though, I don’t think I’ve yet to see the two on the court at the same time), but instead, he’s playing with no passion. Okay, there have been some pretty passes, here and there, but that’s all I’ve seen. Really, I’ve been rooting for him since he signed with us, but my enthusiasm is diminishing by the day. I haven’t given yet, but to think he’s going to be a superstar come post-season, is a dream. As for Mikki, he really got to me watching the Orlando game. He’s too lanky for this team, and the amount of charges he takes – leads me to think he may be out with an injury by playoffs time. With him, I do see the passion that Steph lacks, but I guess I just feel like he doesn’t have the muscle (mental/physical) to get us that 2nd ring. I mean, just imagine how Leon would have matched up against Howard the other night vs. Mikki matching up. I almost feel like Mikki would strive more at PF. He just doesn’t play with his body the way I like to see Centers play. He’s kind of like a scarecrow waiting to get knocked down by a shaq-tractor…and that damn hair! I wish he would shave that of for the playoffs. That can’t make the game any easier for him. Can’t wait for Leon and Scal to come back.

    – Jon (Salem)

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