I Don’t Believe in Magic

Despite what Chris Mannix thinks (Magic #3, Celtics #4 in Power Rankings), the Celtics are better than the Magic. Orlando may overtake the Celtics for the #2 seed, but that team is not built for the playoffs. Here’s some Celtics/Magic  analysis from down south:

Boston has given the Magic fits this season with its ability to cover Howard inside with a single defender (usually either Kendrick Perkins or Garnett), while smothering Orlando’s 3-point shooters. Finding a way to consistently score against the Celtics will be a chore, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said.

Should Orlando win tonight and tie the Celtics for the second best record in the East, Boston would still have the #2 seed. The first tie-breaker (head to head) is even at 2-2,  but the Celtics currently have a better conference record than the Magic which is the second tie-breaker. Follow?

Rashard Lewis is expected to play, but the mysterious medical situation with his one-year daughter could change that at anytime. Lewis sent Coach Stan Van Gundy a text message Tuesday that said his daughter — battling a long-standing fever, muscular pain and rashes — had improved. Lewis said he is prepared to head to a hospital in Houston if answers can’t be found in Orlando.

I’ve never been a big Rashard Lewis fan, but I feel for anyone coping with a sick child.

Links:  Globe – Healthy C’s Hope to Have Magic’s Number | Herald – Made 3 Boosts Marbury | LA Times – Celtics Aren’t Out of Picture (Gee – thanks) | Orl. Sentinel – Celtics King of Rings, Magic Want Some |


8 Responses

  1. I don’t believe in magic because its just an illusion to trick your mindi into it.

    I’m a firm believer of the TRUTH baby!

    These guys can’t hurt and beat us… We just need to play our game
    Celtics basketball!!!

    And when the smoke clears banner 18 raise it up!

  2. Teams that bomb away from 3 like this just can’t win it all. Such a heavy reliance on the lowest percentage shot in the game is a recipe for disaster.

  3. Did you hear Gorman ask Tommy during the Clippers game – Who is the Celtics all-time leader in three-point FG percentage? he goes – “It ain’t Antoine.” Funny moment…

  4. is it just me or should stan be wearing red overhauls with a blue shirt and a red Cap with an M on it. trying to save the princess from King Kupa.

  5. Stan looks like Ron Jeremy at an all you can eat buffet.

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  7. Stan= cross between Hitler and Danny DeVito. I still just don’t believe the Magic can win the “big” games. Just not happenin’ yet. Even if they are lucky enough to get by us in the regular season, they won’t advance past 1st round of playoffs. What’s up with this person above me who spams us with the links every day? I’m at RedsArmy-I don’t need a link to it..just my opinion

  8. My prayers for Rashard Lewis’s daughter. No one deserves mysterious medical problems like that, especially not a young child.

    Back on topic: I don’t believe in Magic either. They’re a damn good team, but I’m not convinced that they have what it takes to win it all. Until they can get at least to the conference finals, I’m not buying into them.

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