Dancer Madness Round 7

This is the last matchup in our first rotation of Dancer Madness.  First, yesterday’s winners:

Aminda – Pacers and Jocelyn – Jazz.  For someone who was hated on a bit in the comments, Aminda won pretty easily.

aminda2605_bigJocelyn Jazz Dancer

On to the final preliminary matchup:

In the East:

Sierra – Knicks



Erin – Orlando


In the West…

Alexis – Golden St.

Alexis Warriors Dancer


Becca – Sacramento

Becca Kings Dancer


9 Responses

  1. Oh hi Alexis from Golden State.

  2. Chuck, I think you accidently posted a picture of heaven where you were supposed to put a picture of Alexis.

  3. I voted Alexis, but I was shocked with the results. No love for Becca – Sacramento.

  4. Alexis is just too much for Becca.

  5. Keep in mind – there are pictures on the net of Becca kissing other chicks. But I thought those would skew the competition.

  6. Good call.

  7. Easily the most lopsided rounds today. BTW, where’s big, beautiful Courtney from the Celtics Dancers..? I thought for sure she’d be in the field. That chick is hotttttt.

  8. She’s hot… but Alison is our Celtics representative. She’ll appear tomorrow after a first round bye.

  9. cool…

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