Did We Watch the Same Game?

Memo to Paul: You have a better chance of making the shot with your eyes open.

Some dude named Tim Potvak of Yahoo! is giving a Jenna Jameson quality rubdown to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic.

The Orlando Magic didn’t just send a late-season message to the defending champion Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. They left them with a not-so-subtle reminder for their almost-inevitable second-round playoff matchup.

Dwight Howard has grown big enough and strong enough to force his will on even the best teams, and the Celtics are the latest contender to realize as much. With Howard delivering another of his Superman performances, the Magic led from start to finish before fighting off a late Celtics charge, pushing them into a virtual tie for the second best record in the Eastern Conference.

Wasn’t Howard scoreless in the 4th quarter? And the play he did make – the block on Pierce – was a questionable foul. You have to dig 12 paragraphs deep into this propaganda before Potvak mentions KG’s injury. Ya know – Boston’s best big man and reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

To quote the informercial legend Billy Mays – “Wait there’s more….”

If and when they meet the Magic again in May, the Celtics will hold the advantage in four of the five starting positions. Point guard Rajon Rondo, now in his third season, will blow past Rafer Alston. Shooting guard Ray Allen will school rookie Courtney Lee. Paul Pierce will score on small forward Hedo Turkoglu almost anytime he wants. And Kevin Garnett should toast Rashard Lewis.

Yet Howard makes it all even. Four to one doesn’t sound fair unless that one is Superman. The key to the series will be keeping Howard on the floor and out of foul trouble. If he stays clean, the Celtics may have trouble getting past the second round because they have no one to guard him. Nobody else does, either.

Okay….I finally stopped laughing. Try this for your next article Tim: How can Orlando expect to beat the Celtics in a series when they can barely beat them at home with KG playing just 16 minutes none of which came in the 4th quarter?


5 Responses

  1. 3 HOF’ers and an up and coming young star PG on our roster. Oh, but no biggie, the Magic have Dwight Howard. The dude who can’t make free throws (which kills you in the playoffs). The dude that literally has no offensive game except shooting from inside of 5 feet and dunking the ball.

    That article is laughable…at best. I think it’s time Mr. Potvak considered a change of profession. He clearly can’t distinguish between pure media hype and the actual effects a player will have on a game.

  2. I think we win this series 4-1 or 4-2. There’s no way Magic can beat us. We can beat them badly. And important fact is that now Orlando plays Detroit in first round and we all know how well detroit cope with them. I prefer playing against 76ers and first 2 games in Orlando rather than Detroit in first round.

  3. “because they have no one to guard him”
    What?! You mean Perk and Baby are not Celtics and no one told me? Man in this economy you’d think people would actually do their jobs competently to show they’re valuable employees. Does this idiot even realize there’s a reason Howard can’t have a good game against the Celtics when all the bigs are healthy? GTFOH with that ish.

  4. Im not worried about the celtics when fully healthy they went into orlando months ago and punched them in the face with an 90-80 win.. They had a last second shot to win, and pierce probably did get fouled with the body contact and Garnett only played 17minutes. The celtics were down by 16 i believe at one point and had a shot to win with all those factors going against them, when fully healthy they will win a series against orlando 4-2.. I was also at the game last night , tons of celtics fans there, was nice to see all that green

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