Magic Fans Feeling Their Oats

Oh, I just had to share this.

We’re used to some smack-talking fans coming around here.  It seems like we’re a real destination when other teams’ fans want to sound off.  And for the first time, we’re starting to see Magic fans:

Name one other Team who lost an All star Player for the year and have won 53 games?

Yeah Magic are Dominant. They exposed old Celtics and 1 of your wins against us this year was your starting back court of Rondo Allen vs Anthony Johnson JJ Reddick. LOL@celtics.

Old and garbage

LOL@moore and Marbury.

can not wait to decimate you old geezers this sring


24 Responses

  1. Bahahahahahaha.

    The series will be over before they can respond to our smack.

  2. We can’t completely write them off just yet, don’t forget how confident we were going into the Hawks series last year. Orlando is still a good team but I don’t see them having enough to get past us in a series. Howard might be athletic and can dunk the ball a lot but he has no real moves and they lack a “go-to” guy that even the hawks have – Joe Johnson. I’m not really concerned about the Magic but don’t just write them off, especially with home court. As long as the celtics get healthy we can beat anyone, but as it stands right now you can’t even say we will be truly healthy come playoff time and that is what really makes me nervous, not Dwight Howard. I can’t stand the fact that people even call this guy superman. Have him actually win something first.

  3. Wait the Magic has fans?

  4. Confident words coming from a kid who has probably been riding Splash Mountain all day

  5. Magic barely beat the team twice without KG in the deciding minutes of the game. Enough said. It says more about the Magic that they struggled to beat the Celtics in that situation then anything. Not that impressed with the Magic.

  6. 1 point game with less than a minute to play.
    Without KG.
    Without Leon Powe.
    Without Tony Allen.
    Without Scal.
    these guys can’t be serious.

  7. Btw… think Rondo is gonna sit out the Hawks game. The whole purpose of these remaining few games is to get healthy and integrate new/returning players. With 2 recently sprained ankles, it’s nuts to let the kid play and risk serious injury. Better let him rest/heal.

    Besides, it would give Doc one near-last chance to see if Marbury can step up with big minutes. Sink or swim, let him start and play 30-40 minutes. We lose, we lose. But we need an answer about Marbury, one way or the other. If he screws up, as he has more often than not recently, then that’s that… he rides the pine.

  8. Agreed, DRJ. As much as I’d LOVE to see us beat the Hawk punks, our health is more important. It’s annoying to watch every team that beats us drop streamers and confetti, but it will all be worth it when we’re hoisting the banner.
    For the record, I think a HEALTHY C’s squad can win it all, hands down.

  9. Wait… wait….wait….. Bahahahahaha… ok ok.. wait wait…. Bahahahahahahaha

  10. What’s even funnier is that Magic fans think KG will be held to FOUR points…TOTAL…the next time we see them.

  11. Wow what happened to good old fashioned trolling. The ones who show up everyday regardless of who’s playing who and who won. This showing up to trash talk only when your team wins a close game is just weak.
    At the very least save that ish for when your team actually shows they can complete a smackdown.

  12. …Or that Dwight Howard had a monster 24/20 game in the paint and the Magic won by a basket…..telling.

  13. Not worried about it…fact is they have the bragging rights because our boys didnt show up to play 48 minutes

    and I’ll even have my own lol @ moore and marbury

  14. I’m seriously starting to not like Moore at all… He fouls more times than he passes. I know I have to give the guy a chance… but if we compare him to PJ, I just prefer PJ Brown a lot better…

    Marbury still needs to get his game back and I really hope he plays like he normally does back in the day. But at least you can see that he’s playing defense and he’s trying his best.

  15. “Dwight Howard looked up toward the rafters at RDV Sportsplex Monday after practice in anticipation of where the Southeast Division title banner might hang.

    The Magic have a couple other banners hanging at their facility from the Shaq-Penny days.

    Although it was a formality — what with the Magic having a huge lead over the runnerup Washington Wizards — Orlando won its first division title late Monday night without having to play a game.

    The Wizards lost to the Utah Jazz, giving the Magic their first division title since the 1995-96 team won the Atlantic Division championship.

    “It’s a great accomplishment,” Howard said. “I look at the three banners we have and say, ‘Put some more banners up.’ It’s just shows where we have come from.”


    Didn’t know they made banners for “Division titles”

  16. NineSevenEight – I didn’t know they made Howard “Player of the week” Banners – BBAAAAAAAAhahahahaHaaahaaaHaaaaa

  17. Sorry Chuck I stole your laugh but its really working for me right now… cracking myself up with the Magic quotes… I need more! Bahahahahahahahahaha

  18. 1 word: clowns. Now, for something really relevant..PLEASE vote for Daylon:,150665

  19. Holy Crap, I have a 20 month old and she does not cry this much.

    Boo whooo we didn’t have KG.

    Uh Yes you did.

    He is old. That is why his minutes are being “monitored”

    It was a great one year ride for the Celtics but Injuries and old age can not be overcome.

    Oh and lets shut our mouths up until we Have Jameer Nelson back.

    We lost an All star Point guard for the Entire Season.

    Not this KG old man back to work program BS.

    Just call Howard “Hugh Downs” Host of 20/20

    I will leave my bucket here for your KG is injured tears and excuses…

  20. 2-2 season series.

    You won 2.

    We won 2.

    See you in May…

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  22. “Holy Crap, I have a 20 month old and she does not cry this much.
    Boo whooo we didn’t have KG.”
    The Real Magic – March 27, 2009 at 8:53 am

    “Name one other Team who lost an All star Player for the year and have won 53 games?”
    The Real Magic – March 26, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    ’nuff said

    wait, no its not. no one is crying, we are saying exactly what you said. we will see you in may you clown.

  23. Anyone here need a diaper change?

  24. oh know did you shit yourself again?

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