Baby Earns Extra Orange Wedges At Halftime

Glen Davis’ numbers for the first half:  10 points, 10 rebounds, and a block, steal and assist in about 22 minutes of play.  He’s more than picking up KG’s slack… which is good.  KG might be out longer than just tonight

Rajon Rondo is clearly still bothered by his ankle injury.  Marbury is stepping up a little… banging a three big 3’s late in the second quarter… including a big one to end the half.

Quote of the night comes from my wife, when Zaza Pachulia showed up on the screen.  After an extended “wow that guy is ugly” rant… she drops this gem:

“What is that guy’s name?  Mongoloid Stevens?”  So from now on, Zaza is Mongoloid Stevens as far as I’m concerned.

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10 Responses

  1. Mongoloid Stevens has some serious backne…

  2. Dude can’t be as fugly as Hedo Turkoglu.

  3. I’d say he’s uglier than Hedo-the unibrow puts him over the top.

  4. Jesus…WHEN is CSN going to stop showing those commercials with all the 131-92 highlights..ENOUGH.

  5. Hedo looks like he was in a house fire and made it out alive but his face started to melt off…

  6. I’ve always said he looks like the the gieco caveman.

  7. rondo forgot his arm condom

  8. Red made sure that this one was close.

  9. I meant REFS lol

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