Ch 5: KG Out For Rest of Reg. Season?

During a break in the Kansas/Michigan St game I flipped over to WCVB Ch. 5 and heard Bob Halloran cite a source claiming Kevin Garnett will miss the rest of the regular season.

The Celtics remain non-committal on KG’s status. According to Marc Spears:

While Rivers said it was possible Garnett could return Sunday night against Oklahoma City.

But Rivers also acknowledged that there has been some consideration to sitting Garnett until late in the regular season and a determination would be made “sometime soon.”

I don’t trust Bob Halloran with news of this magnitude. We’ll keep you posted.


11 Responses

  1. Why can’t the team just be upfront about the situation? What they are doing now is not helping.

  2. The Celtics didn’t send KG back to Boston to see a doctor… which is sign #1 that this isn’t a huge “setback”. If there was a big problem, KG would have been in and out of the MRI machine by now.

    I think the C’s give him another couple of games off… then start easing him back in again. He’s got to get some game time before the playoffs.

  3. Agree Nora. What’s with all the secrecy? Just tell it like it is already.

  4. they might as well…i may be in the minority that would rather play philly in the first round instead of detroit

    and i think we beat orlando home court or not

  5. I regularly visit this website because you fools make me laugh, but seriously, why is it every single game, you guys bitch and moan about the officiating?

  6. Anyone see posey throw the ball at the ref tonight gotta love it.

  7. This is a case of Manu Ginobli – Not the same case but similar. Something is going on with KG and we have no clue exactly what’s going on. It’s bad news if KG has to sit until the playoffs and try to come back in full speed. Nice win tonight but KG situation is a mystery.

  8. KG has said that he has played with “things you guys don’t know about”. So he likes to keep his problems to himself… his right. But one thing I’m pretty sure of: this is NOT just a “muscle strain”. No way in hell. (As if that could take a month to heal, and then incompletely… ridiculous.)

    It must be something much more serious… I just hope this is not the beginning of the end for KG.

  9. It is what it is at this point, KG has had a pretty terrible season, the worst in his career with injuries and the worst in his career with numbers…I think alot of people forget this team loses WITH KG (2-7 stretch, KG was there, no?)
    and can actually play better without him (last night)

    I want him to get healthy obviously, but the thought that its a foregone conclusion hes going to be healthy in the playoffs is a bit of a stretch…I think its safe to assume, no he wont be, and will not be the Kevin Garnett everyone knows the rest of the season….maybe its time to accept the inevitable

  10. You dont want it to be the beginning of the end….but kg has been in the league 14 years now…it happens, and is happening.
    He wasnt the player he once was even before the injury, which I noticed most people wanted to ignore or just praise him for something stupid anyways.

  11. Cmon Baron, it’s to early for statements like this. And don’t count upon good finish without KG, of course we lost some games with him and win some big games without, but it’s worth nothing, it’s normal. But fact is that this team isn’t contender without KG

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