Dancer Madness – Now It Gets Tough

Half the dancers have been eliminated after two dominating performances yesterday.  Here are our winners:

Erin – Orlando and Alexis-Warriors

erinAlexis Warriors Dancer

Now we’re moving on to our second bracket.  Here’s where it will get tough.


Allison – Celtics



Aminda – Pacers


In the West, it’s a battle of Texas:

Jessica – Mavericks



Julie – Rockets

Julie Rockets Dancer


8 Responses

  1. Coach Van Gundy talking about us – LOL

  2. I predict…. Nikki vs Alexis (Final) Allison will be a strong contender too.

  3. Yeah…I saw the comments from Van Gundy. I’ve got a nice ole blog post coming his way in a few hours.

  4. Go get’em Chuck can’t wait!

  5. Hey Van Gundy you guys lost Nelson and replaced him with Rafer Alston…. what else am i missing from your grueling season?

  6. Sorry..but bye ‘Minda.

  7. I’m surprised 20 people have even voted for her.

  8. Damn. I’ve got to find 130 people to vote for Aminda ASAP.

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