KG out tonight

KG will sit this game out as he has taken a step back in the recovery process.  Glenn Davis will be starting against Atlanta in KG’s place.


5 Responses

  1. Would like to see a team upfront about what is really going on. It hardly ever happens in sports. Frustrating.

  2. damn this is getting annoying, hate when teams think they really beat the celts when kg doesn’t play 35 mins

    this becomes a huge test for the celts, would be a major win if they can take care of business, rondo needs to step up even tho hes gimpy as well

  3. Yeah, this type of injury (high on the calf/behind the knee) seems like the nagging/recurring type of thing. If it was healed fully, he should be getting regular minutes by now and since he wasn’t, it does seem that they knew. I don’t care that they’ve been mum, but it bothers me that they put him out there. Now his return is delayed even more. I hope he sits till the last game or two of the regular season.

  4. Doc stuttered when Mike Gorman asked him if their was a “setback” with KG. Doc is always cool as a cucumber, but was pretty nervous when answering. Need Baby and Perk to have good games tonight-so far so good.

  5. Star-buried!

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