Gettin’ It Done

The Celtics outplayed and outhustled the Hawks for 3 1/2 quarters tonight and held on for the 99 – 93 win.

Big Baby (19 pts, 12 reb) lead the charge in the first half. You need to see his block on Joe Johnson.

Every time the Hawks cut into the lead in the 4th, Ray Allen (22 pts) was there to hit one of those mid-range floaters.

The bench guys did a helluva job. Here are the numbers:

Eddie House: 12 pts, 2-4 3FG

Stephon Marbury: 11 pts, 3-4 3FG, 2 assists

Mikki Moore:  2 pts, 10 reb

Not sure how the officiating was in the first half (took the kid to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D), but I was treated to a terrible display in the 3rd quarter. My favorites:

– Offensive foul on Perk (his 5th). He never touched Pachulia and took a shot in the eye. And the ref was a foot away from the play.

– The charge on Big Baby. Josh Smith got to the spot late and was partially in the circle to boot.

– No call on Josh Smith’s double dribble and/or palm

Box Score | Recap| Highlites

Pics from the game….after the jump.


21 Responses

  1. Y’all got this recap up about 3 seconds after the buzzer sounded.

  2. love this win

  3. Sitting here on my couch with my laptop trying to bring the latest information to the loyal readers of Reds Army.

  4. mikki moore gets called for alot of cheap fouls

  5. Mikki never gets the benefit of the doubt. Yes he did have his hands on Josh Smith’s shorts on that rebounding foul, but Smith mauled him. Of course the refs only see Mikki’s foul.

  6. I apologize…those highlights do NOT show Big Baby’s block. Whoever edited them should be fired.

  7. Baby stepped up-Marbury’s best game, scoring-wise, in Green. Let’s hope this really is the start of him starting to score off the bench like we know he can. BTW, did anyone else hear that this coming week a bunch of teams (including the Nuggets) are going to all wear green as part of a new NBA enviornmental campaign…..???

  8. it was one of those smart blocks wher ehe makes sure to retain possesion of the ball…russel style

    baby deserves huge props for this game…i’m under the impression the celts can only keep either him or leon..gotta lean towards someone offering leon a starter job somwhere, we may have baby for another couple of years

  9. numba 1, i will never follow any one on twitter to old and two drunk
    also dam steph looked goode Juses shotellworth was the man and big bay GO C”S

  10. Chuck actually wrote this recap at 3pm. Amazing prognostication, really.

    The officiating in this game was completely horrible on both ends of the floor. Both teams had some serious and legitimate beefs.

    Props to the guys tonight. Baby was awesome. Marbury is starting to come around. Ray was deadly. Atlanta’s got to be doubting themselves after losing to a team with no KG and 1/2 a Rondo

  11. looks like pierce might be back

    i’m amazed at how consistently he cant knock down that step back mid range jumper

    its games like these that make me say..hell yes this team can repeat…just need to keep it up

  12. and by cant i mean can

  13. If the Hawks had kept their head on straight, they could have had this game, but that’s their biggest weakness. Their only mature players that are crucial to their team are Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby. Josh Smith, Al Horford, and though we didn’t see him tonight, Marvin Williams, are talented players, but are immature and need to learn to take things as it is and stay smart in crunchtime. This is a dangerous team who can cause teams trouble, but having self-control is key to making some noise in the playoffs.

    Anyway, this was a great game and is a real confidence-booster for this team.

    For starters, Glen Davis. In my opinion, this was Big Baby’s best game as a celtics. He played like a smart, NBA-caliber player with his intensity on the glass, his IQ when it came to defense[offensive foul on Horford and of course the JJ block], and unlike the Hawks, his self-control in the game.

    Then there is Starbury. This was his best game as a Celtic and what’s better is that he put up these points against a talented playoff team. He continues to play his heart out on defense and and is getting in better shape. He still needs to go a little slow with the tentativeness. He showed signs that he is coming back to the old Starbury form, but then again, this was one game, but then again, this was right after his worst game as a Celtic.

    Then there is Mikki Moore. Is it me, or do NBA refs hate him? I’ve counted several fouls of his that simply weren’t fouls, and times where Mikki was hit and there was no call. Anyway, he rebounded pretty well[he got in the double digits I believe], but his defense is still horrid, but he did make a few adjustments and showed a few flashes of good defense…remember a few flashes.

    Overall, this was a great game, but I would have preferred us walking out with the double digit lead we had.

  14. Jesteroo-you must drunk-dial alot

  15. Kudos to Doc for keeping Ray and Paul to 37 minutes each, and Rondo to only 25 minutes in a game that went down to the wire with limited players. He also called a few timeouts that stalled or completely stopped some Atlanta runs. He knew that Atlanta thrives on momentum and the fans, and he nullified both those things with the timeouts. I just think its time Old Man Rivers gets a little love.

  16. did bill walker play at all tonight?

  17. He got a few minutes

  18. lol @kwapt. Jesteroo has his own language. So does his liver.

  19. Yeah, Bill played about 7 foul/turnover-plagued minutes. Nobody should be complaining about the way Doc is handling minutes when the only backup swingman is a rookie who probably should only be playing garbage minutes. He hasn’t shown much when playing with the big boys.

  20. Actually, I was subjected to 5 different idiots watching this game. 3 refs, 2 NBA-TV announcers. Morons all.

    I thought Marbury’s running drive layup was a good indicator of his confidence returning. It’s one thing to hit 3-pointers, but that drive was all swagger, not stoppin’ for nobody. Let’s see this in 2-3 games in a row, and we got ourselves an All-Star backup PG.

    Mikki was good. Got screwed by the refs, as usual, but seemed pretty solid out there.

    Anybody know what the hell is wrong with KG?

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