Rondo Dismisses Hawks

“I don’t think much of it really,” he said. “I don’t like to talk trash, but in my eyes it’s not a rivalry. I don’t know if anybody else looks at it as a rivalry. People consider Cleveland a rival. We just went seven with Atlanta. That’s about it.”

Suck on that, Hawks.  Just for fun, here’s him torching Atlanta.


10 Responses

  1. Rondo is absolutely right. One tough series doesn’t equate to a rivalry.

  2. I agree with Rondo too but this will only add fuel for the young Hawks squad. Our boys aren’t exactly dominant in Atlanta. Our lack of bench support concerns me… I don’t think Mikki Moore and Marbury have understood their roles. We still have time to gel right? Sigh

  3. LOVE IT. if we win another title, i dno how anyone can say Rondo isnt the team’s mvp this season

  4. if the C’s catch an L tonight what will the story be? The REFS?

  5. From the looks of it, injuries.

  6. I dont know if its a rivalry or not, seems more or less like it is and the celtics dont wanna own up to it, and think theyre too good for a rivalry with the inferior hawks…take care of buisness and this isnt an issue, but fact is you let those idiots take you to 7 games which was tottally unnacceptable…
    Theres almost no chance this is going to be an enjoyable game tonight from a celtics fans persective, and i have no idea why you’d even bother playing rondo or anyone whos hurting or fatigued…time to except being a 3 seed,..u dig ur hole now lay in it

  7. What a joke. Soon rivalry will be such a loose term that every team will have a “fierce” rivalry with every other team in the league

  8. too bad marvin is out so he can’t do this again to the lil fellow..

  9. Chuck – Did you leave the back gate open again? A troll just got in.

  10. NewsFlashMike – No wonder you want a brawl, since your team can’t beat the Celtics at basketball. You’re a real classy guy.

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