Rondo Expected To Play, KG A Gametime Call

According to the Celtics

KG sits out shootaround and will be a gametime decision tonight in Atlanta. Rondo is expected to play.

Marc J. Spears has more

Garnett, who returned a week ago from a strained right knee, didn’t do any physical activity in shoot around today. Rivers, however, said that Garnett hasn’t had a setback and he has made the All-Star a game-time decision in every game since his return.

It’s hard for me to swallow that KG hasn’t had a setback if he misses tonight’s game.  Couple this with what seemed to be a slight regression against Orlando and I’m not liking what I see.


15 Responses

  1. I don’t think they are telling us the truth about KG’s situation. Sounds like a setback to me. I don’t get it and I don’t like what I see either.

  2. There’s only one reason to sit KG tonight – a setback. A setback could mean he’s too sore which isn’t good but not the end of the world.

  3. Got to be the refs fault

  4. He looked gimpy vs. Orlando. I was worried when he left that game, he just didn’t look right. I am praying to the basketball gods that he didn’t re-injure it already.

  5. enough already, big bad.

  6. Yeah, what’s your deal bigbad&green?

  7. According to CSN’s “Sports Tonight” last night, KG has had a setback. We’ll see…at least after tonight we have 5 home games in a row, spread out over almost 3 weeks. Good period for KG, and the whole team for that matter, to settle in a bit and maybe actually get some rest. BTW, Dancing Daylon and the Cavs are deadlocked @ 50% each. Going to come down to the wire!! Keep voting!

  8. I may be wrong, but isn’t bigbad a troll?

    KG could just be under the weather or something. He looked a little piqued last time, not gimpy. I had hoped they’d sit Rondo for this game… he’s the one with 2 sprained ankles, probably could use a little more time to heal.

  9. Heres the other three guys boston will be playing against tonight E. Rush M. Boland J. Clark.

  10. i consider myself a fan that has been flamed over and over again for expressing my dislike for SM, MM, being critical of our play and my dislike of the refs excuse. if that’s a troll to you all then I am but i would say thats being a real fan and not an excuse maker. I request you all to step up and call anyone that blames a “L” on the refs an idiot…im sure you wont cause those that do apparently have the juice here.

    Redsarmy my deal is im not willing to except that every L is because of the refs as many here are. You even have a post that is called the real reason we lost which in it self was reasonable but the post right after the game you yourself mention the refs (in your comment) and not once do you ask whats the deal with those that blame the refs for every L.

    My question to you is (if im not banned from your site now) is whats the deal with you and others not calling out those that claim the refs for every L.

    Go look at the other top tier teams fan blogs and see how people react to those that claim the refs fault.

    Refs are a factor in one way in my opinion. They are pawns in each game that are on neither teams side. Each team has to get them to side with them…thats why every player screams on every layup…thats why people flop…thats why PP makes that face he does every time he drives to the hole. Its to get them on your side and apparently it aint working for us. Thats not the refs fault thats the team fault for not doing what it take to get the calls. I would also argue that complaining about the refs (it make me sick when i hear people in the crowd yelling at refs) at games cause it doesnt do us any favors in getting the next call.

    Instead of blaming the refs i see it as a teams.

    I would love to win every game but as a fan I know thats not possible. I also realize we have won one title with this team and that doesnt mean anything other than we are the defending champs…it doesnt mean we can expect that we get every call. it doesnt mean that we are even gonna win another. What i do know as a fan of the defending champs is that blaming the refs isnt very championship like and that those that do arent either.

  11. I may be ill informed but is DRJ a Doctor? Piqued…lmao

  12. You’re not banned. I only ban trolls who spam the site.

    I think my stance on the refs has been consistent: Officiating in the NBA is horribly inconsistent, which gives fans of the losing team an easy target every night. Fans will always have a point when they bitch about the refs because stars get calls that others don’t… a foul in the 1st quarter is a no call in the 4th…. and other things like that.


    I never blame losses on the refs. If the game is close enough where a blown call loses it for you, then chances are you could have done more in other aspects of the game to NOT put yourself in that situation.

    Now… others might not agree… and that’s their opinion. I know we’ve got people here that will go off on the refs on a nightly basis. That’s their right too, just like it’s yours to think blaming refs is going overboard. I’ll try to call people out when they go too far in any direction.

    As for other blogs… I’m saying this as no disrespect to them… but I don’t care how they or their fans react. That’s up to them. They run their sites how they want, and their fans can react how they’d like. I’m not going to tell a fan how to react to what they see. I’ll call someone out if they’re going overboard or if they’re being flat-out disrespectful… but I’m not going to censor anyone.

    I hope that clears things up.

  13. Thank you for understanding my point of view. I too dont care about the other sites and how they are run. My point was to the people/fans that blame the refs that none of the other top tier team fans do it and maybe they should start acting like top tier team fans not like for example Magic fans.

    I hope that when you say “i hope this clears things up” those that blame the refs and in turn attack me for calling them out on how ridiculous it is cause like you said…

    “then chances are you could have done more in other aspects of the game to NOT put yourself in that situation.”

    may think twice before blaming the refs.

    Thank you for being someone that appears to be a logical and real Celtics/basketball fan.

    @DRJ guess you were wrong

  14. Like I said, I’m not going to tell anyone how to react. If someone wants to blame the refs… fine.

    If you want to say we shouldn’t blame the refs… fine.

    The only thing I will tell everyone is to keep it above board. I know discussions will get spirited… I just don’t want vicious personal attacks. At that point, I will intervene. I will say that it has rarely gotten to that point here, which is a credit to our readers.

    I look at discussions between opposing view points like two big men on opposite teams going at it. You bang, you push, you talk shit… but as long as no one gets dirty, you can shake hands afterward and congratulate each other on a game well played.

  15. Big Bad, at least you finally made a post that is not in a childish trolling manner even if I don’t agree with it.

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