Stan Van Gundy Won’t Shut Up

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy loves to open his fat trap. He’s taken verbal jabs at the Knicks (about Patrick Ewing) and Shaq (called him a flopper) and now is targeting the Celtics:

“I want to know how some teams get on the list, where they get excuses and other teams are not on that list. All I’ve been hearing about is all the injury problems the Celtics have had this year,” Van Gundy said.

He then reminds us that the Magic lost Jameer Nelson for the season. We know. It was a devastating loss for a pretender with zero chance of winning the title.

The difference between the Celtics and Magic (besides one is defending champ and the other is southeast division champ) is that Orlando isn’t getting any healthier this season. The Celtics will be getting bodies back – KG, Leon, Tony, Scal.

Hey Stan – I know you are frustrated. You still haven’t gotten over the fact that Pat Riley forced you to resign in the middle of the Heat’s championship season. And you still live in the shadow of your elfish brother Jeff. And most of all – you know – deep down in your cholesterol infected heart of hearts – that the Magic have no chance of beating the Celtics in a playoff series.


12 Responses

  1. I think we should pretty much just copy and paste shaq’s retort to stan calling him out and use it as are response; we hate front runners, wont stand for nobody’s calling us out, and that he and his team will definitely fold in the clutch

    thanks shaq i agree

  2. Chuck’s stuff is always so much more biting than mine.

    “And most of all – you know – deep down in your cholesterol infected heart of hearts – that the Magic have no chance of beating the Celtics in a playoff series.”

    Must be all that training at the hands of Karl Rove

  3. Is the “cholesterol infected” line too much? Did I go overboard?

    We can’t all be hand-holding, Kumbaya singing liberals like you Johnny.

  4. A two point loss at Orlando where they hit most of their threes, Rondo was hobbled, KG played limited minutes, three other rotation guys were out and the refs (per usual) completely hosed the Celts? Um, that’s a win. Orlando has no chance.

    Speaking of the refs, it’s over for me. After this season, I’m out. Seriously, it’s that bad. I can’t take being FURIOUS 82 days a year just because of their incompetence. Life’s too short.

    I’m really just putting up with the rest of the season to see the C’s get back to 100% and then just bulldoze through to the title and shut up every idiot pundit who questions them and every other fan base who thinks they can even compare to this team.

  5. Thing is, the league/refs will probably continue to hose the Celts to force a LeBron/Kobe final. I can’t fathom how every move Kobe, LeBron and Wade make they get the call, every ticky tack foul by the Celts is called and every Celts drive to the basket, particularly by Pierce, or Rondo on the baseline gets no whistle. As Tommy says, it’s criminal. But, it’s the only way anyone beats a full-strength C’s. 8 vs 5 is the only way they lose, which I’m not betting against happening, btw.

  6. Ron Jeremy errr… Stan is playing a little game to motivate his team

    With all the extra BS this year I think if we win it will even be more satisfying. And I never thought that possible after beating the most Stern fed rival team in the league

  7. […] I’m sick of hearing the comeback that Orlando losing Jameer Nelson is the same as the Celtics losing KG, Rondo, Scal, Tony Allen, […]

  8. C’mon’s not our fault you look like a cross-between Hitler and Danny DeVito.

  9. It’s just your tone Chuck… you can tell it comes from a deep, dark place.

  10. My wife and I were at the game and we both thought Van Gundy looked like a penguin, black suit with a bulging white belly and short little wings flapping around all over the place. Look at the picture up top. He’s about to jump off the ice and catch a fish.

    And as for him trash-talking Shaq, that was just sad. I’ve got some sympathy for Van Gundy, but if he wants revenge for getting fired by the Heat he shouldn’t try to trash-talk players, he should just win. I’d respect that. It’s about the rings, end of story. Calling Shaq a flopper was petty. You’d think he would have better things to do, like teach his star player how to shoot the ball.

  11. I love Chuck’s post. Big Stan always serves to remind me there are other people in Jeff Van Gundy’s family that are almost as retarded he is.

  12. Ron Jeremy’s evil twin

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