Tony Allen Is Frustrated


Tony Allen is apparently a couple of weeks away from returning.  And as usual with him, the injury that knocked him out came when he was playing well, which frustrates him.

“My [left knee] injury was a freak accident,” Allen said. “[The thumb injury] was a freak accident. The knickknack injuries, those are just regular NBA [injuries].

“But the ones I really look at is the freak injuries, like me going to a layup after the whistle, tripping in practice and falling [on the thumb], those are the ones that have held me back. Both of those times when I’ve had these surgeries, I was on the verge of trying to come out of my shadow.”

It’s frustrating to us too.  That story shows us how Tony hasn’t been his normal happy-go-lucky self… which might be even scarier for Celtics fans.  We know that Tony’s head is usually months behind Tony’s body when it comes to recovering from injuries.  We can’t afford that this time around.

You’ll also see in that link that the Celtics call Tony “Gucci.”  I’ll just stop there.

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And finally… be sure to head over to Ball Don’t Lie and vote for Daylon Trotman.  If you don’t know Daylon, he’s this kid:


4 Responses

  1. Tony is my boy.

  2. Its all tied up between Lebron and Dancin Daylon, lets help Daylon give LBJ the KO!

  3. there are over 6000 votes and it’s 50/50

  4. It’ll be great when Tony gets back. The team badly needs a backup wing that Doc trusts.

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