Caption This

What… the HELL… is going on here?  You tell me.

(via GIF Party)


12 Responses

  1. I did her like this, I did her like that, I did her with a wiffle ball bat.

  2. Ray: “You have to wrap her hair around your hand Bill and push her head up and down!” KG: “Yeah rook! Like Uh! UH!” Pierce:” That’s righttt!!” Bill Walker (out of frame) “whatever!”

  3. “Who needs Walker’s jiggle or Cassell’s wiggle?”

  4. “Great practice. Now all we need is three accordions.”

  5. Hey! Down front!

  6. ollllddddd

  7. I do believe this was from pre-season 2007.

  8. the guy behind them is saying I wish I could stretch out sam cassell

  9. Jesteroo, thats hilarious! Man, your always crackin me up, haha

  10. Five…Five dollar…five dollar foot long

  11. […] Paul Pierce is now following Red’s Army on Twitter.  In fact I asked him what the hell was going on in this picture. His […]

  12. thank Px just killing my liver one drink at a time, lovin life

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