Dancer Madness – Next Round


Alison and Jessica cruised to easy wins yesterday… which was to be expected.  Today, we bring out the dancers who have pretty much established themselves as seeds 1a in each conference.  So without further ado…

Nikki – Miami



Erin – Orlando


Alexis – Warriors

Alexis Warriors Dancer


Harmony – Clippers

Harmony Clippers Dancer


7 Responses

  1. If Nikki doesn’t win this thing, then the fix is in. Reediculous

  2. She’s locked in a battle right now. surprisingly so

  3. Alexis is just too amazing…. let’s just stop the competition and proclaim her the winner.

    It goes:
    1. Alexis
    2. Nikki, Allison, Jessica

    Everybody else

  4. i wonder where can i see them hotties totally nude?

  5. Alexis is going to win no doubt about it!

    You should do one of these with NBA players wifes!

  6. This is better than the Final Four. :)

  7. Jessica will put up a fight for the belt.

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