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I’ve been scouring the web this morning for any and all updates on KG’s knee. Sore? Re-injured? Out for regular season? Out for playoffs? Career-ending? Amputation? We turn to Marc Spears for the answer:

An NBA source said Garnett still has discomfort and tightening in his knee. Rivers said Garnett will likely miss tomorrow’s game against Oklahoma City, but solid practices could allow him to return Wednesday against Charlotte.

Doc added that if the playoffs started now, KG would be playing. So let us all take a deep breath together and just relax. He will be fine.

Glen Davis was great last night. Sure he had 19 pts, 12 reb but his effort really set the tone. Not to get all Zen on you this morning but it was like KG’s spirit lived in Baby’s body for the game. The team fed off of Davis’ energy.

How about the rebirth of Starbury? A season-high 11 points on 4-of-5 shooting, made 3 of 4 3-pointers, and dished out 2 assists. He looked comfortable and confident.

Rajon Rondo had subpar game (9 pts, 5 assists). But his performance had more to do with a sandwich then his ankles:

“It was something I ate in the first half,” Rondo said. “I didn’t have a lot of energy. I shouldn’t have eaten that before the game. I had Chick-fil-A with all that barbecue sauce and honey mustard. It didn’t settle in too good. So I came in [at halftime] and had a couple bananas and some juice and I felt better in the  second half.”

I’ve heard of Chick-fil-A but never knew what the hell it was. Thanks Rondo.

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9 Responses

  1. From “Rivers said Garnett was “just not feeling great,” but would’ve been in uniform for a playoff game”. Then watch All-Access with KG & Ray joking around and then just like BigMck says… relax. He’ll be fine soon

  2. Rondo ate that before a basketball game? Didn’t Gerald Green get caught like eating a burger at halftime once and we all assumed it was Telfair or something?

  3. I’m not buying that it was Chick-fil-A that slowed Rondo down. That’s a load of shit. I appreciate him trying to keep us calm about his ankles, though.

  4. Chick-fil-a is perhaps the only good thing about the South. I don’t blame Rondo, but I think he should have gone with Chick-fil-a sauce instead of bbq.

  5. KG wont be 100% the rest of the season…pretty naive to think otherwise

  6. I was thinking about why the team is so… unclear, secretive… about injuries. Scal gets an OBVIOUS 3rd concussion, and they call it a “neck strain” for like a week. The whole KG story of a “muscle strain”… yeah sure, and he’s out a whole month, and STILL not fully healed? Uh huh, and I got a bridge to sell you. Rondo is (understandably) a bit tentative on TWO sprained ankles, and it’s a sandwich? Ok, maybe that one is true (that he ALSO ate a bad sandwich… whatever), but the pattern is pretty clear.

    So why? Only thought I have is that there is a small competitive advantage in NOT being clear about injuries… so that opponents cannot plan out their games with any certainty. They have to plan for a game with and without KG, for example. Dunno if that’s the case, but it’s the only think I can think of for all this subterfuge.

  7. Doc and Danny are mimicking the Patriots stance on player injuries – never, ever tell the truth.

  8. I like Celtic’s but i want to watch them while playin’ better.

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