Dancer Madness – Tough Choices

The days of blowouts might be over in our Dancer Madness brackets.  Golden State’s Alexis might have pulled off the last of the dominating wins.  Even Miami’s Nikki, a clear favorite among the commenters, had a tougher than expected time with Erin of Orlando.

Alexis Warriors Dancerhpg0607_swimsuitshoot_nikki21

Now onto the really nitty gritty of the competition.


Amanda (Cleveland)



Natasha (Charlotte)


In the West:

Jocelyn – Jazz

Jocelyn Jazz Dancer


Annika – Lakers



11 Responses

  1. I don’t get why so many people like Natasha. I mean.. my God… Amanda’s got a perfect body. She should be a top contender in my book.

  2. Correction John….

    Amanda’s got a great body

    Natasha’s got a perfect body…

  3. Amanda and Natasha have sexy bodies but nobody can beat Jocelyn’s Camel toe – Nice!

  4. Natasha may have a perfect body, but her FACE IS UGLY.

  5. False

  6. If Natasha is Ugly, then what does that make Sheryl Miller? Alien? By the way there is no way in hell anyone will beat Alexis, she’s perfect.

  7. reds-I think the fine line that seperates Natasha from Amanda is Natasha’s smooth, olive skin-I for one love a girl w/a great tan. Amanda’s a bit pasty. A tan hottie wins over a pale hottie everytime. Anyone else feelin’ me on that..?

  8. Pretty sure she’s black and not tan, KWAPT.

  9. Does it really matter? Nikki is the Champ, game over.

  10. As a Greek, I’m all about the olive skin too.

    Whatever.. at this point, they’re all in a very different realm that only professional athletes, celebrities, and bloggers can attain. Sorry… that’s just how it is

  11. […] Give the Thunder credit. They hung with the Celtics for 2+ quarters and even held an 8 point lead (64-56) midway through the 3rd. But then Paul Pierce and Eddie House got hot. Real hot. Alexis and Nikki hot. […]

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