Welcome Twitter Followers (Especially This One)


Yeah, Paul Pierce is now following Red’s Army on Twitter.  In fact I asked him what the hell was going on in this picture. His reply:


The Truth just got onto Twitter this weekend, so he’s just getting into it.  And Pierce’s following of Red’s Army has led to a ton of new Red’s Army followers on Twitter.  So we’d like to say hi to them.  If you’re still not following us on Twitter… then what the hell are you waiting for?  Go to our page now, dammit!  And if you’d like to follow Paul, here’s his page.

Supposedly, he’s giving a few fans free tickets to tonight’s game.  I want to hear how that goes.


5 Responses

  1. You guys know its a fake twitter right??

  2. How do you know?

    The people that designed his official website sent out word that he was on Twitter. So I figure it’s legit.

    Then again… who knows. If it’s not, then whatever. I still welcome the new people who are following us

  3. Kevin, numerous athletes are on twitter, why can’t Paul Pierce be on twitter as well?

  4. JD I know many athletes are on twitter. There are also many twitterers “posing” as celebrities… I know Paul and know for a fact that it’s not Paul’s twitter… I have been telling him to get one though cause twitter is awesome

  5. Red’s Army,

    I’m the executive producer of Paul Pierce’s web site, http://www.paulpierce.net. It is Paul on Twitter, and he is posting himself.

    We posted the following last night:


    So sign up, follow the Truth, and enjoy!



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