Dancer Madness – For The Last Spot In The Elite 8

There’s one spot left in each conference  in our Dancer Madness Elite 8.  Yesterday, Natashsa of the Bobcats and Jocelyn of the Jazz punched their tickets.  I’m going to consider Natasha this year’s Cinderella story, mainly because I personally thought she was ticketed for a first round exit.

finals_natasha_insideJocelyn Jazz Dancer

So on we go.  Our field of the 8 hottest dancers in the NBA will be complete, once you guys pick the last spot on each side.  And I’ve got to say… I think we’ve got the two most even matchups yet.


Melanie – 76’ers



Alicia – Wizards



Kassi – Trailblazers



Kayla – Suns



7 Responses

  1. I wish there were more bikini shoots to make this competition even more fair. Kayla looks unbelievable in that picture… which skews the voting for Kassi… who I’m sure would look equally hot.

    When I’m commissioner of the NBA, it’ll be my first order of business.

  2. Kassi vs Kayla is unfair…want to vote for both!

  3. Should obviously fake boobs disqualify a candidate from the Elite 8? If so, Kassi (and Jessica too) would be out.

  4. Melanie may be in the top ten best looking women i have seen WOW

  5. Match-ups are too tough to decide today.

    At first glance, Alicia would appear to be the better choice over Melanie. But after you really analyze them both individually I think Melanie is the superior choice…. Either way it should come down to the wire.

  6. This comes as no shock to me whatsover: The girl with the least clothing and the girl on her knees are pulling away.

  7. John, you’d be proud to know Tim and I had a 10 minute conversation about this bracket during our fantasy baseball draft.

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