Red’s Army vs. Marc Cuban

I’m gonna totally blow this out of proportion with that headline… because I want to.  Actually only because a Twitter conversation I was having with Marc Cuban about Tweets being copyrighted became fodder for a post on With Leather.

RedsArmy: @mcuban Unless you’re set to “private”, anyone can go to your twitter page and see what you’ve said. IMO, that’s a big difference.

Cuban: @RedsArmy Since when did any tweet become public ? Its for followers/subscribers

The conversation was originally between FanHouse and Cuban… and I hopped into the conversation.   Cuban is pissed his tweet blasting the refs cost him $25 grand… and now he wants to claim that ESPN using his own words in a story is somehow a copyright violation.  I think his argument is ridiculous, but I would classify our conversation as civil.  I sure as hell got a kick out of it.

Marc Cuban’s Twitter page


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  2. what is all this talk about twitter… since when did it get so big?

  3. Really.. ever since Charlie Villanueva’s halftime tweet vs. the Celtics. Ever since then, it’s been on every sports talk show, and in a ton of news broadcasts and websites. It’s fucking exploding right now.

  4. This isnt about twitter…but is anyone else worried our season might be getting away from us with all these injuries and specifically KG’s injury??? its more serious then we know and when he played in orlando he wass dragging his legs and he couldnt move it afterwards…I mean we all saw his body language in that game…just not KG, he knows something more serious is going on…I think psychologically the rest of the team knows it too, and is more of a reason for the spiritless play in some of the games then it wouldve been if KG wasnt there, but they knew he was going to be ok?

    …but is he going to be ok? physically? mentally? for the playoffs…I highly doubt at 100%…which isnt good

  5. and im listening to weei and theres alot of talk about not having KG for the playoffs…maxwells there….I dont know, it just doesnt sound good

  6. Getting away from us? No. No way. And I think we’ve gone through why a lot here. In short, KG hasn’t even gone for more testing, so his knee will be ok. Maybe not 100%, but not done for the season. Don’t let blowhard radio with its “worst case scenarios” freak you out. They just need something to talk about so they can fill 4 or 5 hours. There’s no Celtics news today because the team is off…. so they’re just making wild assumptions.

    Come back in from the ledge, Devin. The Celtics are fine. They’re in a good place. Relax.

  7. I dont know man…theres a happy medium..

    the bottom line IMO is that KG will not be 100% the rest of this season and could really be to sore or hurt to play in some games
    Scalabrines career could be over, nevermind his season
    Tony allen….tony allen…. I dont know if I want tony allen to play in the playoffs not to mention with his struggles coming back from injuries mentally, hes been out a long time and is gonna be real rusty…we needed him in that middle of the season and now to spell Pierce and Ray…Epic fail.
    Leon is right in the same predicament or even worse then KG…

    I say they never get fully healthy and are a tough out but dont repeat

    If the stars align and they magically get healthy and get functioning on a completely different level then theyre at now, seems unlikly?

  8. Ok… KG won’t be 100% but Perkins and Baby are playing much better, so they can help ease the workload.

    Leon is hurt, but he’s looking at a return before the season ends, same as Tony. They might be ready to go in the first round. I don’t think it’s as bad as you think.

    Scal…. well… we might lose Scal… but that’s not going to kill us.

    And, above all else, the schedule is in the Celtics favor. Day off today… maybe even tomorrow. Then a game Friday… and then nothing till Wednesday again. Plenty of rest to be had.
    Bottom line, it’s too early to get freaked out. We’re in a good spot. We’re fine even at #3.

  9. Lots of armchair doctors popping up lately.

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